Friday, February 23, 2024

Moochdocking in Long Branch, TX

Yesterday, February 22, we drove from the Toledo Bend Reservoir to Long Branch, TX to visit a college friend of mine.

She's got a bit of land and there was room next to the big storage barndominium/shed for Uma, including 15 Amp power hookup!

Today, February 23, we went to the nearby city of Carthage, TX to check out the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and Tex Ritter Museum.

Pretty good museum, the displays include memorabilia from the inductees into the Hall of Fame along with a short bio plaque.  Here's some of the ones I recognized among the many Texas-born country singers.

I knew of Buck Owens from his time as host on
the show "Hee Haw"

Dale Evans

Why John Ritter you might ask?  Well, turns out he's the son of Tex Ritter, of which this is the museum.  One of the first and very well known "Singing Cowboys" from the days of Western Films.

Just one of several Tex Ritter displays
This was, after all, his museum.

You might recognize some of the men above

Gene Autry

Debbie and Martha outside the museum, a 
sculpture of Tex Ritter and his horse White Flash

The sculptor, a local man, was Bob Harness.  He also, it turned out, sculpted the nearby statue at the Footprints in the Sand Memorial Park.  It's a roadsideamerica attraction as well, so we went to check it out.

You may have heard of or read this poem:

Who's the guy being held by Jesus?  It apparently was the early major donor of $25k for the project to create the memorial park.

Nice little memorial park.  

We returned to Debbie's place after the park and rested/visited the rest of the afternoon away.


CCjon said...

Glad you made it to that little museum in Carthage. A lot of interesting stuff from our younger years.

redlegsrides said...

Indeed, CCjon....and I learned about the Ritter history .

redlegsrides said...

Just a timing thing never know when I might be in your AO one day.