Saturday, February 10, 2024

A Drive to the Cowboy Capital of the World: Bandera, TX

Martha and I drove the Honda CR-V the 30+ miles or so to Bandera, TX today, to check out the sights of this small town with such a big claim.

Bandera: Spanish word for Flag.  Interesting name for a town don't you think?  One of the plaques below should explain things better.

After a brief stop for Martha to get her giggles at the Trump Store:

photo by Martha

We visited the town's Frontier Museum.  Here's some of the stuff that caught my eye among the many, many items from "back in the day".  

A safe made out of a large canon's breech.

It being the Chinese Lunar New Year, we had lunch at the local Chinese restaurant.  it was "OK".

The Heritage Park had this statue of a Cowboy in action along with informative plaques about the town, its title and some history:

A mural next to the heritage park:

Of course, many stores selling souvenirs and knick-knacks for the tourists.

photo by Martha

A representative example of the several stores' offerings
photo by Martha

The Antiques store had a "plethora" of rather diverse stuff...lots to see if you've got the time to wander its vast collections.

photo by Martha

Martha seemed fascinated by the vintage Tupperware....
photo by Martha

We returned to camp by mid-afternoon.  RichardM once again fed us a nice dinner in the evening.  A good day!


CCjon said...

Did not realize Bandera had become such a tourist track. Has been 20-30 years since I went through there.

Nearby is Medina, one of the few apple growing areas in Texas.

There was a great French restaurant in Castroville, which I thought was a strange twist in a town called Castroville. Might be gone now as COVID torpedoed many great dining establishments.

Oz said...

The Texas Hill Country is pretty and has a lot of neat towns with some great history. It looks like you had plenty of great things to spend your money on :)