Sunday, January 12, 2020

Some more T-Dubing on BLM Land and back to Owl Head Buttes

Today's riding involved my Yamaha TW200, Yagi and wandering about the BLM land just northwest of the junction of Park Link Road and Owl Head Ranch Road.

Got lost a couple of times but each time my GPS app: Pocket Earth, pointed me in the right direction.  Lots of sandy stretches that were not as much fun as when riding on packed dirt.

Once I made it back to the highway entrance.  I headed over to Owl Head Ranch Road and soon enough I was back at the abandoned ranch house from the other day.  This is how it looks like in sunny and clear weather:

Part of the Owl Head Buttes

 Picacho Peak viewed via telephoto lens from 
near the abandoned ranch house above

Leaving the ranch's premises I continued south for a bit until I was able to turn eastward till I ran into a small housing area.  Several small houses with lots of space in between each house; these people enjoy their privacy.

I spotted a trail going up the side of one of the buttes and so made my way there.  Yagi got me to within less than a quarter mile from the top before I decided to park her and walk the rest of the way up.  Way too much loose rock along with very steep conditions!

I hiked and clambered the last couple of hundred feet, it was very steep and very much covered in loose gravel and rocks.  Slow and steady was the word of the day.

From near the top of the rock formation, you can see back towards the ranch:

 Closeup of the ranch house where I posed Yagi before.

 Picacho Peak from the top of the butte

 Looking south from the top 

 Looking west from the top

 Lots of gravel and steep conditions

 There's also a path to another rock formation but I skipped it

 I parked Yagi just below this point on the hill

 Looking back at the butte from ground level dirt road

 From ground level, that's the rock that I was able to ride/hike/clamber up
from the other side

Rode back home for some rest and relaxation and to await darkness to see how much light the headlights on the URRV shone through when Yagi is mounted on the moto rack on the front hitch.

But first, some sunset pics:

If I had to, I think I'd be able to drive at night with Yagi on the front moto rack.  I'm still debating whether to get some driving lights mounted on the rack to shed more light when having to drive at night.


CCjon said...

There is something about the quiet of the desert, so peaceful. Hearing many coyotes?

redlegsrides said...

No coyotes heard....very quiet and dark except when moon is out then it’s almost twilight

RichardM said...

When we were east of Tucson at the fairgrounds, we heard lots of coyotes every evening.

redlegsrides said...

None here that I’ve heard.....then again I have bad hearing!