Thursday, January 09, 2020

Errands Day and some Light T-Dubing

Wednesday, January 8

An errands kind of day.  Got groceries, exchanged the Harbor Freight solar panels for a replacement set as the charge controller had quit working.  The new set has a faulty splitter cable so now have to return that one as well, but not that day or Thursday. 

Also visited a hardware store to get a replacement M12 x 1.25 Nyloc nut to replace the non-nyloc nut that had disappeared from the upper front mount point for the sidecar frame on Fiona.  No issues, just a slight rattle that had me puzzled till I found the nut to be missing while checking the routing of the throttle cables on Fiona.

It had been a gloriously warm and sunny day too.  Oh well.

Thursday, January 9

A not sunny and heavily overcast day for the most part.  The sun did shine through on occasion but only briefly and we're expecting some rain this evening as well.  Due to the cloud cover though, the sunrise was pretty nice:

Rode Yagi, my Yamaha TW200, on some of the dirt trails criss-crossing the BLM area that I'm camping within.  First stop was some rock formations I'd seen from Park Link road which turned out to be accessible from Owl Head Ranch Rd right off Park Link Road.  I found this road by traversing several miles of narrow dirt road instead, dodging the occasional chola cactus spiny cluster on the trail.

Got to the rocks which are apparently known as Owl Head Buttes and found an abandoned house and stables structures near the base of one of the buttes which had drawn me there.  Kind kind of eerie so I didn't tarry.

None of the buttes seemed like an owl head to me while I cruised about the ranch's vicinity.  The ranch is now within AZ State Trust land but no signage explaining anything.

Continuing to explore BLM trails, found some more area to ride in across Park Link Road (it was an OHV tags required area so I didn't go deep into it.)  I did stop at a small rocky hill, walked up and got these pics:

 From the small hill, you could see the Owl Head Buttes

 I think perhaps the rock formation on the right is the Owl Head?

I also meandered over to the extreme eastern portion of the BLM area I'm camping within and found several informal spots where people go and shoot firearms, using a small hillside as a backstop for their rounds.

Not much to report, just lots of cacti of both the Saguaro and Cholla varieties, lots of scraggly bushes along the trails, lots of sandy spots to get your attention and cloudy skies.


RichardM said...

Does AZ charge for the OHV tags? And this is for state land only (not Federal)?

redlegsrides said...

RichardM I assume there’s a charge for OHV since the sign says there’s a fine if you don’t have one. It’s called State Trust land and the permit was like $30 for a year, I dimly recall. I haven’t seen signs for OHV permits being required on Federal land here.

redlegsrides said...

Did some more research, my rig and the t-dub aren’t considered OHV so no stickers required u like Colorado.

Oz said...

I just love your adventure. I have wondered how well the solar panels work. Once again, great photos.