Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Uraling near the Indian Bread Rocks BLM Camp Site, Bowie, AZ

Homeward bound, I wish I was, homeward bound....oh wait, I am!

Laura, my SIL, has officially relieved me as care provider to my FIL as he is now home from the hospital and on the road to full recovery.

Richard, my FIL and Laura, my SIL

Ready to enjoy an eggroll....

I left Sun City in the rear view mirror and headed east along I-10 towards Tucson.  Once past Tucson, it was a couple more hours till a BLM campsite located near the small town of Bowie, AZ.

It was about 5 miles of dirt road but I did find a nice spot to park Uma, the URRV for the night.  

There's good 4G coverage, about 5 other RVs located within a one mile circle, no one close to me, the way I like it.

 My campsite for the night.

I had camp set up shortly after 5PM so I unloaded Scarlett and decided to see where the road I used ended up.  FYI it ends at the gates for the JJ ranch.  I guess it borders the BLM land?  There's cows ranging free all over the BLM land too.

Turning around at the ranch's closed gate, I got the following pics for your viewing pleasure.

The place has several crumbling rock domes and piles of rocks providing interesting backgrounds for pics and perhaps some exploration tomorrow.  I'm trying to figure out if I want to go visit the Very Large Array near Socorro, NM as I make my way slowly back to Colorado.  

I am going slowly as snow is expected in the Denver metro area on Thursday I think and so I want to time my arrival with dry roads.


RichardM said...

I've always wanted to visit the VLA in New Mexico. According to their website, this coming Saturday is a good day to visit. How are the roads into most of these BLM boondocking spots? Suitable for hauling a trailer?

redlegsrides said...

I think I’m gonna skip the vla, did a google street recon and it’d be hard to get the rig in the shots. Roads are a washboarded mostly but the right speed makes things smoother. This site has some TTs but not as big as yours....there’s a 35 limitation.

Trobairitz said...

I am glad your FIL is home and on the mend.

Hooray for heading home. As much as you enjoyed your time in Arizona, I am sure you will be happy to be home with Martha and the gang (and your famous Colorado sunsets)

SonjaM said...

Dom, you have been a good SIL. I am sure that your presence has been appreciated. Enjoy some well deserved three-wheeled time.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz, the weather isn’t exactly cooperating but we’ll see.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM...one does what one should eh?