Wednesday, February 28, 2018

BLM Glamping south of Poncha Pass

Uma, Fiona and I displaced from the Turtle Rock BLM Campground this morning and ended up at another BLM site just off of US285 and south of Poncha Pass.

I'd seen an RV here before while riding around, the last time I was in the area, and I parked Uma basically in the same spot where I'd seen the other RV.

Couldn't go much further into the BLM area as the dirt trail had many sections that were snow-packed and I am pretty sure that's territory to be avoided with this particular motor home.  Now, if I had one of those pricey Overlander RVs....but that's a different story.

During lunch, and before the clouds that threatened snow moved in, I rode out on Fiona for some pics of the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountains.

Then it started to snow, very slightly, so back to the RV I went as it got quite cold and Fiona lacks any heating gear except for her engine.

The snow fall wasn't much of anything, and soon the sun came out again.

The afternoon came and went, lots of cloud activity and a brisk wind keeping things at the freezing point on the thermometer.

You can see the peak of Mt. Shavano from this location

Not much of a sunset either for today, here's the best I could do.

Tomorrow its off to CaƱon City, to a campground near the Royal Gorge Bridge.

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