Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Boondocking in Buena Vista

Next few days, checking out new boondocking sites, to see how well they fit my present work/play requirements.

Tried out a piece of land belonging to a neighborhood friend.  The property is in the Indian Head Mountain community but cellular coverage proved weak.  All I could get was extended 3G, four bars, but basically unusable for work.

Moving on then along US Highway 285, I arrived once again at Buena Vista and elected to stay in the same spot as before in the Turtle Rock BLM campsite.  I believe I have the whole place to myself, go figure, campers tend to not camp in Winter.  

It's going to be a warmish week so it's warm enough for me while the sun is out!  It was in the low 40s as I rode along CR 375, checking out other boondocking camp sites but not finding any suitable for Uma, the URRV.

 Part of the Collegiate Peaks in the background

This view was by the gate to the Four Mile Ranch, which
is for sale.  I left a VM with the realtor asking what the price was.
(update: owner is asking $495K)

I then headed into BV: Buena Vista and fueled Fiona up and then tried for some sunset shots at the usual spot.   Nothing much there, ended up taking the last couple of pics near the gas station!

 That's Birthday Peak in the middle, with Mt Yale on the left
and Mt Columbia on the right

I'm going to check out the BLM/National Forest spots one can see from US285 as one approaches from the east to see what kind of cell reception they have tomorrow.  Then, I might stay another day or move a little further down to some BLM spots I'd spotted south of Poncha Pass, we'll see.


RichardM said...

Quite the scenery change from Arizona and snowy Colorado. Beautiful area.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM, I’d missed the snowy mountains

Trobairitz said...

It may not have been one of your stunning sunsets, but that is a pretty nice fiery color by the mountains.

redlegsrides said...

It was indeed quite fiery Trobairiz....too bad not really any clouds near where the sun set....