Monday, January 22, 2018

RV Trip: Tonopah, AZ

I displaced from the SW Tucson area this morning (no issues with mud from last afternoon's rain) and got to the BLM area south of Tonopah, AZ shortly after Noon.

The "roads" into the BLM area were very rocky and rough, so I had to drive Uma the URRV very slowly to avoid damaging things.  Lots of bushes near the side of the trail, so some light scratches on the sides of the RV, not bad, and only visible at certain angles...kind of like light scratches on a car's clear coat?  Anyways, not bad.

While reconning for a spot, I did something stupid and moved the RV with the side door opened, which prevented the steps from retracting.  Yep, they hit a rock and were bent slightly out of whack.  Some pulling with a couple of ratchet straps and it's OK for now.  More bending to be done once I'm home with better access to larger tools.

Only two other campers in the area, one a fifth wheel and the other a small mini-pod towed by a small car.

After setting up, I got on Scarlett to try and reach a trail that seemed to climb to the other side of Saddle Mountain which I was camped near of.  The road I took got rough really fast and I managed to hit a tree stump which caused the right muffler (my only muffler since I've a two-into-one header pipe system).

I tilted Scarlett over to the left, so she rested on her engine guard and after some pounding, loosening of brackets, managed to reconnect the muffer to the header pipe.  I'll have to get a clamp tomorrow to reinforce it along with some muffler tape to seal things up.

I'll take a pic of Scarlett on her side when I put the clamp on her muffler pipes.

After repairs, we carried on closer to the pass road but once I got to the point below I decided I'd pushed my luck enough for one day:

Sunset proved to be not as good as predicted by sunsetwx, still, not bad.


RichardM said...

At least with only one muffler you reduce the probability of hitting. Maybe install a high muffler on the right.

SonjaM said...

Wow, I find that your steed looks as handsome in the desert as it would look on snow-covered grounds. Nice panos, Dom!

redlegsrides said...

Not a bad idea RichardM, would have to get a bracket secured up there.

redlegsrides said...

Danke SonjaM!

Trobairitz said...

Bent steps and the muffler came off, good thing you are handy with the tools. At least you have beautiful scenery.

redlegsrides said...

Both mishaps were errors on my part Trobairitz, so yeah, its good to have some idea of using tools....though there's some days I shouldn't be allowed near them. :)