Thursday, January 25, 2018

RV Trip: Tonopah AZ Sunrise, now in Sun City and sad news....

Woke to a nice sunrise while boondocking on BLM land near Tonopah, AZ.

Later that morning, broke camp and drove to my FIL's place in Sun City where I unloaded stuff needed for an expected two week + stay at his place while he undergoes surgery at the end of the month.

I then drove Uma to a RV storage yard in Goodyear, AZ, about 15 miles away and parked her there as I couldn't park for longer than 72 hrs at my FIL's parking area in Sun City.

Spent the rest of the week helping my FIL run errands and taking care of chores around his place.  The sunsets for Tuesday and Wednesday were very bland as clear skies and no clouds made for boring sunsets.

Thursday night however, the clouds were place.  Kind of fitting as I found out today that Hubert Kriegel, of the Timeless Ride, has passed away on January 24.  He was one of my sidecaring heroes.  R.I.P.

 The above picture is dedicated to the memory of Hubert Kriegel
Sidecar Rider/Adventurer par excellance!


CCjon said...

You got some beautiful shots there Dom. Great colors.

Hubert was an inspiration for us all to get out and ride the horizon. His stories will be missed.

RichardM said...

Sad to hear about Hubert Kriegel. He was definitely a legend in the sidecar community. And a very fitting dedication photo.

Two weeks in Sun City, a nice change from Denver.

redlegsrides said...

Jan Daub, thanks...Hubert will indeed be missed, I'd been wondering about his lack of postings for the last few months...what an adventure he had riding the world.

RichardM, thanks...hopefully its just two weeks, weather is nice but I miss the mountains of Colorado.