Friday, January 26, 2018

RV Trip: Sun City - A Sunset Ride leads to possible nearby offroad riding area.

Finishing off the work week here in Sun City, AZ.

My FIL is still scheduled for surgery this coming Tuesday so this weekend will be used to prepare for it, finish off remaining chores and taking care of family-related matters.

I decided to not use the same spot for sunsets near the hospital, instead Scarlett and I headed out of town on US60 aka Grand Avenue and turned onto Deer Valley Road once west of the 303 Bypass.

This initially paved road turned to dirt near the still-being-built North Copper Canyon housing development.  I saw very little in the way of fencing, and several promising trails heading off into the desert.  I hope to explore this area, which is where the Northwest Regional Landfill is located, further this weekend.

The sunset tonight turned out to be pretty colorful, here's the pictures that made the cut, in sequence:


SonjaM said...

You are the master of sunsets, Dom. Again stunningly beautiful. I like the first one best.

redlegsrides said...

Danke SonjaM...

RichardM said...

The first photo almost looks like a sunrise. Nice to find some off-road riding areas close to where you're staying. Were you going to venture down into Mexico?