Tuesday, December 19, 2017

RV Trip: Day 7 - Bush Highway and Usery State Park

Tonight, we're in the Usery State Park camping ground, luxuriating with electrical and water hookups. 

Got the old front tire with new inner tube back on Scarlett with no problems.  It held air just fine and it was good to have a spare tire again mounted on the trunk.

Of course, a test ride was in order.

After work, it was a ride up AZ State Highway 87 to check out reported scenery on the way to Payson, AZ.  Unfortunately, the rumored scenery must have been closer to Payson and I didn't have the time.  So after posing Scarlett with the Four Peaks mountain range in the background:

At the Four Peaks Recreation Area

Scarlett and I turned back south on AZ87 and turned off at the exit for the Bush Highway which sort of led back towards the camp site.

In the area of the Saguaro Lake Recreation area, I found several nice places for pictures:

 Saguaro Lake and its gorgeous rock walls

I got back to the campsite with no issues using Usery Pass Road and wandered about checking out the large amount of cacti prevalent all over the park area.

Lucky for me, the spot I ended up camping on was perfect for catching today's sunset:


RichardM said...

Didn’t fix the tire in the field?

redlegsrides said...

Didn’t want to be on that trail in darkness. See previous post.

SonjaM said...

That cactus sure is an eye catcher. Brilliantly captured, Dom.

redlegsrides said...

danke SonjaM!