Tuesday, December 05, 2017

RV Trip: Arizona - Recap of last few days: Sunsets, a Museum, a Memorial and more Sunsets

I am currently in Sun City, Arizona.  Drove UMA the URRV with Scarlett, the 2014 Ural Patrol Sidecar Rig on a trailer last week, took me two days to cover the 900+ miles to my FIL (Father in Law)'s condo in Sun City.

Richard G., Martha's Dad, is having some medical issues and as I can work from anywhere where there's Internet access, I was the logical choice to come down and help out where I could.

First couple of days here, not much riding, as I was helping Richard get settled at the nearby hospital.  The weekend came and went but all I got in terms of pictures was some rather nice sunrises in the parking lot of Richard's condo.

 Friday Sunset

Saturday Sunset

Monday Sunset

Monday was also supposed to be the day for the required surgery but it had to be postponed as some numbers related to Richard weren't quite right.  Adjustments would have to be made to the delicate balance.

Tuesday was a day of more waiting as the medical staff worked to get the numbers just right so that Richard's surgery could be scheduled.  He's doing OK, just tired and ready for the surgery in order to get it over with and go home.

Around Noon on Tuesday, Richard said that I should go riding, no sense just hanging about with him.  So off I went, he recommended I head northwest out of Sun City along US60 to Wickenburg to check out the western museum there.

The Desert Caballeros Western Museum proved quite interesting, with lot of art, sculpture and setups depicting life in old Wickenburg.  Very nice.

 Neat sculptures

 yours truly, at Wickenburg's bar, of course

The museum had this cool hologram-like clerk who 
appears from behind the counter as you walk into his store....neat.

After the museum it was a 25 mile ride to the town of Yarnell by way of State Road 89, a lovely mountain ride popular with local motorcycle riders I was told by the museum staff.

The view from near the top of the road to Yarnell

Nearby, is the state park dedicated to the memory of 19 Hot Shot firefighters who died in the Yarnell Fire.

Lacking the time and hiking gear, I didn't walk the almost 3 mile trail dedicated to their memories, another time perhaps.

Retracing my steps I made it back to Sun City and spent some time trying to find a good spot to pose Scarlett with the oncoming sunset.

Failed at finding anything between Wickenburg and Surprise, another small city near Sun City.  Finally I made my way towards the hospital to deliver the day's mail to Richard and lo and behold I found a spot!  Right next to the hospital too!


CCjon said...

Good on you for helping your FIL. Great sunset photos too.
It you have time, check out the Cave Creek and Carefree roads north of Scottsdale.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Jan! Will try and check them.

Buddy Eckles said...

Great post, Dom.
I was raised in Douglas, AZ and really miss the magnificent sky shows.
We are planning on visiting friends in Surprise this winter / spring so it is great to learn about the Wickenburg Museum. Are there any Remington's or Russell's works? Some appear to be.
Hope Martha's father is better after surgery.
Buddy Eckles

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Buddy Eckles, the museum isn't very big, just right. I didn't pay much attention to the labels next to the sculptures but my FIL tells me some of them are Remingtons.

Trobairitz said...

I am sure your FIL appreciates the help and company while he is at the hospital. Serendipity that they just happen to have a gorgeous spot to photograph the sunset!

redlegsrides said...

Serendipity indeed Trobairitz! Thanks

SonjaM said...

Brilliant sunsets, Dom, albeit a bit weird to spot palm trees on a Colorado blogger's website, especially this time of the year. Working remotely sure has its perks. How good of you to spend some time helping FIL to settle in. Hope the surgery went well, and he's healing quickly.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, his surgery was postponed due to high levels of kidney-related substance putting him at high risk of kidney shutdown during the operation...so now waiting some more.