Saturday, November 04, 2017

RV Trip: Loveland, CO - Uraling to Carter Lake/Pinewood Reservoir

My loving wife Martha had a nurse conference to attend this weekend in Loveland, CO.  So we decided to mix work with a little glamping.  I got to the Boyd Lake State Park on Thursday afternoon and set up camp; with Martha joining me Friday evening after work.

A nice park, Boyd Lake, there were plenty of sites open, all with power but no other hookups.  Still, got a lakeside spot and no issues getting the water tank filled up for use while glamping.

I did a little bit of riding on Friday, ending up riding along the eastern edge of Carter lake about an hour before sunset.

Carter Lake

I saw and rode over three dams which form the lake apparently, pretty nice spot for boating I assume and picnics.

Sunset was pretty good Thursday night:

Today, Saturday, while Martha was at the conference getting her educational credits for certification, I rode.

Fiona, my '99 Bural Patrol Sidecar Rig and I rode on US34 west towards Carter Lake again but this time we went past its exit and kept heading up Flat Iron Mountain road towards the Pinewood Reservoir.

Randy, the premier URAL dealer in Colorado, had recommended I check out the road going up to Pinewood Reservoir and he was quite correct in that it's a great riding road.

The Pinewood reservoir itself, the brief moments I stayed there, was not very impressive, it is the road and its views of Flat Iron Reservoir that make it an enjoyable ride.

 Nice view of Flat Iron Reservoir eh?

Once off of Flat Iron Mountain Road, it was a quick turn into Carter Lake to get a picture of the same spot, but this time showing the incoming weather clouds.

 Carter Lake

I took County Road 8E out of the southern portion of the Carter Lake park and wound my way past many ranching home communities till I was back on US34.

 View from bridge on US34, overlooking the Big Thompson River

The last stop was at the Devil's Backbone trail head to get a shot of the back bone, it was OK I suppose.

Devil's Backbone

I stopped by Randy's shop: Unique Rides and got some parts for the next 10K Km service interval for Scarlett, my 2014 Patrol; she's actually approaching the 50K Km mark (though her engine was rebuilt by Sergey of Ural at 41.7K Km).

Nice easy day of riding, a bit windy at times but pretty nice.  Sunset was a wash as the incoming weather basically blanketed the views to the west of Loveland.  

Martha and I are homeward bound tomorrow.  A nice little glamping interlude.


RichardM said...

Pretty area. Is this the same as you went to last year? How is the new clutch/transmission rebuild?

Trobairitz said...

The Thursday night sunsets were my favorite Dom. A very pretty area to explore.

Charlie6 said...

RichardM, well, same campground but the areas shown were new to me. The clutch/transmission rebuild is holding up so far, taking it easy (under 45 mph) till first oil change at 100 miles and then a couple more changes till I reach 600 miles.

Thanks Trobairitz for the feedback.

Steve Williams said...

Beautiful country -- to look at and ride in. You've got the best of both worlds. The sunsets are stunning. I wish we had more wide open space where you could drink them in. We get glimpses in comparison. At least where I am.

I keep looking at the red star on the front of the tub. Can't help but think that view would give you pause if you saw it coming down the road toward you when you were in the Army....

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Steve Williams, Colorado's landscape and geological formations make taking pictures easy most of the time. Getting said pictures right, is another story. As to the red star on Fiona, I remain somewhat ambiguous about it.

On the one hand, it's a fitting symbol on a sidecar rig that once was made during the Soviet reign of Russia. On the other, it's a symbol that would have been sported on the front of the hordes of Soviet/Warsaw Pact armored formations we expected to roll across the IGB: Inter-German Border back during the Cold War.

I wonder sometimes, knowing now what Russian manufacturing quality can be, how far those tanks would have rolled into Western Europe before breaking down?

SonjaM said...

RV + trailer for the rig seems for you the perfect getaway combination.

Oh my, the reflection in the lake is beautiful. Count yourself lucky to live surrounded by so much scenic beauty.

Charlie6 said...

Danke SonjaM, the travel setup does make for easier extension of my range, given my penchant for sidecar rigs where making it home with no issues is a cause to celebrate sometimes! Thanks for the comments.