Sunday, November 26, 2017

Riding with Brigitta and Miles

Saturday's riding, yesterday, turned out to be pretty mellow affairs.

First was a midday ride down towards the junction of CO Hwy 83 and County Road 11 aka Lake Gulch Road.

Near this junction, there's a dirt road leading one southwest to a nice spot to try for long distance/long depth of field shots of Pikes Peak and one's motorcycle.  The light was not right to illuminate Pikes Peak itself unfortunately but Brigitta and I made do.

 Pikes Peak: America's Mountain

Mount Evans from Inspiration Road

Got home after 3:00 PM and worked on the post-processing required for the above shots.  I'll have to wait for the right light and more snow on the mountain conditions for another attempt.

Miles, my youngest son, came home from his part-time work at the local Target department store and we both went out riding.  He on Brigitta, my '87 BMW R80 and yours truly on Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol sidecar rig.

Just a short ride to check out his planned parking spot at the local high school and some reinforcement training for safe riding.  We then rode to my usual sunset watching spot and parked the motorcycles in time for a gorgeous sunset.

 Miles pulled off a "heroic pose" better than I.

 He looks like one of those models in the rider magazines
doesn't he?  :)

 The Girls

A good Colorado sunset with Miles

We left earlier than I would have normally, missing out on the rest of the sunset but it was Miles' first night ride and I wanted at least a little bit of light in the sky as we motored home.

So, a good day of riding exercise for Brigitta, a bit of riding experience building for Miles and a good sunset; what more could one ask for right?


Steve Williams said...

Beautiful sunset images. And the BMW looks great. I love that motorcycle.

Miles must take after his mom -- he knows how to smile. *grin*

I get to ride with my youngest daughter every now and again. It's great to relate to her in that manner. Riding together seems to clear away barriers that exist in normal interactions.

Best wishes for many safe miles ahead together!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Steve, means a lot to me when you say I got something right with some of my pics.

Miles definitely got the smile gene from Martha...I debated shadowing my face more during post-processing.

SonjaM said...

Miles definitely has the posing down. What a handsome young man, good genes I suppose ;-)

Brilliant pics of Birgitta. Looks like taken out of a BMW commercial. Great job, Dom.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, until recently, I'd found it hard to get good shots of Brigitta, but I finally found the secret sauce. :)

Miles takes after Martha in terms of looks and smiles, fortunately for him.

Low Buck Rider said...

Glad to see you get to share riding with Miles.

I feel lucky to get to ride with the princess. The youngest son, a former Target employee, has been talking about a bike....

redlegsrides said...

Mike, thanks for the comments. I believe its these rides with our kids that we will remember with more fondness in our latter years.

Canajun said...

Great pics as usual, but why is Pikes Peak referred to as America's Mountain? Must be some story behind it but not that I have yet found.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Canajun, I believe it's equal parts of the fact "America the Beautiful", the song, was inspired by the mountain and also marketing by the city of Colorado Springs. ;)

Trobairitz said...

You must be so proud to be riding with Miles. You'll rub off your love of sunsets and two/three wheels on him. Not a bad trait to inherit.

redlegsrides said...

Proud then, then he managed to lose Brigitta’s ignition key on Monday....sigh