Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Maintenance: Scarlett's 50k Km Service Interval

Since the original purpose of blogging was to record maintenance work on my motorcycle (only one back then); figured this post was fitting.

Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol Sidecar Rig, has reached the 50,000 kilometer mark and so it was time to do the 10K service as listed in her owner's manual.  The 10K service is the most complete one so I use that checklist.

Scarlett's reaching 50K km is a milestone for me, as I've not gotten above 40k km on any of my other rigs before they were either sold or traded in.

Of course, her engine's crankshaft was replaced at 41.7K km, and the gearbox was rebuilt by Sergey at IMWA before that so it's not like she made it to 50K km in one piece!

Still, the engine (which was also rebuilt by Sergey under warranty) remains working with no leaks or seepage, the gearbox continues working smoothly so I shouldn't complain.

All oils were swapped, air filter replaced, oil filter replaced, spark plugs replaced though they were working fine.  Also replaced the original spark plug cables that the rig came with, with the improved connection at the coil cables from IMWA. 

Note: if you ever find your rig "missing" at low speeds, and if you've the original stock spark plug cables that you basically press into the pin on the coil side, cut off a bit, press it onto the coil connector both cables this way.  When you can, get the improved cables with the metal connector on the coil end which ensures a better connection which makes for smoother engine performance.

One of the two compliance fittings, the round black object shown below, was starting to show cracks on the inside.  The checklist says to replace both at 10k km intervals and so they were.

  Note the nice caramel color on the ceramic tip just
under the electrode, it's what you want to see

Hopefully you can see the ragged crack evident
on the inside wall of the port side compliance fitting.
At $30 each from the dealer, I wish they'd last longer
but what are you going to do right?

Nothing major was found, and I also greased all three u-joints on Scarlett, checked the tightness of the spokes on all the wheels and tightened where needed.

Coincidentally, it was also time to replace the gearbox oil on Fiona, my '99 Bural since it had a new input shaft.  The oil came out dirty, after only 200 km since the installation, as expected, and with shiny particles floating in the oil.

The shiny particles are just the "final machining" done by the owner of the gears.  You swap the oil way more often than once the gearbox is broken in, to avoid the accumulation of this swarf in the gearbox bearings and such.  I'll do another oil swap of the gearbox in another 200km.

Both rigs are road-ready.  Stay tuned for more travels.  Though Fiona will be quite limited for a bit as I need to "break in" the new input shaft and so cannot exceed 45 mph until she goes past 1500 km (give or take) from 4257 km mark on the odometer.


RichardM said...

I’m using the aftermarket compliance fittings and they seem to be much better. Thicker rubber. I think they are for a Kawasaki.

redlegsrides said...

Are these the Raceway compliance fittings?