Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wall Drugstore and Badlands National Park

Day 4 of the RV Trip to South Dakota.  We left Hot Springs and made it to Wall, SD to check out this kitschy tourist destination.  

 We didn't buy any souvenirs but did get Martha on
the big Jackalope

Just a few miles south of Wall, SD, within the Buffalo Gap Grasslands, we found a spot to do some boondocking:

 Overlooking the Badlands just north of the boundary
to the Badlands National Park

After work, we motored into the park to look for sunset picture locations.  The Badlands National Park is quite scenic, if what you see is rugged rock formations but not much that we could find in terms of coloration on those rocks:

 The view from Conata Basin Overlook

 These Bighorn Sheep weren't looking too good
but they seemed to be happily feeding alongside the road
photo courtesy Martha

 From Panorama Overlook

 Panorama Overlook

 At the Panorama Overlook

My assumption that the dipping sun would add colors to the rocks at Panorama Overlook proved wrong.  So we geared up and raced back towards Conata Basin Overlook for hopefully better sunset views.

Racing to Conata Basin Overlook
photo courtesy Martha

Conata Basin Overlook

photo courtesy Martha

After the sun had set behind the western horizon, we motored on over to Pinnacles Overlook where we found a bunch of cagers enjoying the sunset.  We were too late but plan on seeing tomorrow's sunset from this point:

 Pinnacles Overlook

 We then rode on the few miles back to our boondocking site, and got the below pic of the waning sunset from where we're glamping!


RichardM said...

I’ve heard a lot about the Badlands Natl Park. Really cool photos and a nice camp site!

redlegsrides said...

It's a nice spot we are at, your rig would fit nicely with zero issues....it's probably blazing hot in the summertime though....

SonjaM said...

How come that Martha had to mount the Jackalope? Aren't you the designated rider?

redlegsrides said...

Martha is more in touch with her inner child than I am SonjaM..... :)

CCjon said...

Am glad to see that you and Martha have figured a way to spend more time on the road and still generate an income.
Great sunset photos, but I like the one of Martha relaxing in front of the RV. Nice story to it.

Martha, experience your inner child to the max and let Dom document it.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Jan Daub, we'll see how things go with the job. The one with Martha sitting by the RV did indeed tell a story!

Anonymous said...

Haven't been there yet...but want to go. Your pictures help fuel the desire...

redlegsrides said...

motoventures, glad to be of help.....