Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fiona is back online

Spent most of Sunday, putting Fiona back together.

As a reminder, the clutch disc had failed and caused not only damage to the clutch disc but also chewed up the input shaft splines from the Russian gearbox.

Link to previous posting:  LINK

The repair parts had all shown up while I was out on the last RV trip with my loving wife Martha.  It was just a matter of putting things back together.

The gearbox was easier to put together, once I had the right input shaft!  Turns out what I thought was a "spare" 650 Ural gearbox, was actually a 750 gearbox and so using the input shaft from that "spare" wouldn't work.

For future reference, I will need the input shaft with the 20 teeth in the 4th gear and 17 teeth in the third gear.  The 750 gearbox input shaft has 21 teeth and 18 teeth in the corresponding gears.

So I found the correct replacement from Gene at Holopaw Ural and he sent it to me with the right 4th gear installed along with corresponding front bearing.

 New (old) input shaft in place, and gearbox re-assembled.

Note: If ever replacing this input shaft, remember to remove the rear bearing collar for reuse.  Bural installed an upgraded bearing at the rear of the shaft.

Note, on this particular 650 gearbox, the spring for the kick start lever is installed from outside the case:

One has to insert the end of the spring onto the hole in the cap, then with pliers
rotate the cap counterclockwise to set the spring tension.

Following pics are for my reference later, showing the clutch components in assembly position and order:

 Pressure Plate

Clutch Plate, note the concave divot at
the center, that's where the clutch rod engages

 View of replacement clutch disc sitting on
the pressure plate

 Cover/compression plate holding everything in with old
input shaft used to align the clutch disc with the 
divot in the center of the pressure plate.

Note: above silver colored bolts are used to press the components together as they are under tension when assembled.  One then puts in the remaining 4 allen headed bolts with blue loctite, tighten them down to hold things, then remove the assembly bolts and put in last two allen head bolts to finish that task.

The installation of the gearbox, donut, clutch release assembly, final drive shaft, final drive and swing arm assembly went pretty smoothly.  It's all a very tight fit so hammers and ratchet straps are required along with patience.

Best of all, no parts left over!  :)

Now, I have the below Chiang-Jang (CJ) clutch disk with springs added for shock absorption.  I may end up removing the gearbox again to put it in, we'll see how I feel about taking everything apart again.  It's coming to me from Singapore, so not sure when it'll get here.

Update: Oct 25, got the above clutch disk,
its 6mm thicker than the /2 clutch disk and so, unusable.

In the meantime, I'll be taking Fiona around for errands and such, "breaking in" the new/old input shaft and doing a 3-4 oil changes on the gearbox until she reaches 1000km mark.

Fiona, back online and ferrying lumber from
the big box store.


Canajun said...

Talk about high maintenance. Are the problems you've experienced endemic to the Ural brand, or is Fiona exceptional in some way? I've been toying with the idea of finding a good used unit to extend my riding season and have some 3-wheeled fun, but am not really up to dealing with all those issues.

redlegsrides said...

Canajun, one doesn't become a Ural rider if one is seeking reliability, just saying. It's life in the slow lane, keeping up with services and being prepared for stuff to fail. Having said that, it's my fourth Ural so I believe that qualifies me as a masochist. The damn things are so much fun though, but yeah, it's love/hate at times.

The problems I'm currently experiencing with Fiona are a bit out of norm. She's got a BMW engine, mated with a Ural gearbox that was modified to mate to the BMW engine so all kinds of new variables, in addition to the regular menu of Ural issues.

RichardM said...

All nice and shiny and a red pinstripe as well. Or is that a racing stripe...

Did you grease the splines well? I noticed that after I greased the splines after replacing 3rd gear, the rig no longer creeps at stop lights when in gear. I found that annoying...

The CJ clutch disc looks like a much better part.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM, we'll see if things last until I get that CJ clutch. I did grease the splines the time before...this time going dry, it's the way Bural does his and he so recommended. We shall see.