Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Clutch Troubles for Fiona

Back on Saturday, October 7, 2017, I had been riding Fiona, my '99 Ural Patrol with a Beemer engine on I-70 towards Loveland Pass.

As I passed Silver Plume, it felt as if the transmission had fallen into neutral.  I couldn't get it to re-engage so I coasted to the side of the highway.

Definitely a clutch thing it turned out after I got it towed home using Progressive Insurance's tow coverage.  (Worth every penny by the way).

I got the gearbox off and this is what I saw:

The cracked metal shield was allowing the center
spline assembly to spin freely, hence no clutch engagement

This happened a little over a year after I'd replaced the clutch disk and Richard W had fixed the gearbox to make sure it centered OK on the clutch disk.  He'd also replaced the input shaft on the gear box as it was buggered up.

So this time, along with the destroyed clutch disk, it had also truly buggered up the input shaft splines again!

No problem, I said to myself, I have this spare gearbox with the problem shifter that I can grab the input shaft out of.  I'd also previously bought a used 1964 clutch disk (splines are more robust than newer ones ) so I'll just remove the bad ones and put in the good ones.

Look similar don't they, but no.

Left: buggered splines

You ever hear the expression: The best laid plans of mice and men?  It's true.

I did the input shaft swap but couldn't for the life of me mate the gearbox halves back together!  Wasted several hours on this effort before I realized (after a night's sleep) that the shafts were different!

Yep, the ruined shaft has 20 teeth on the fourth gear (pushed on) and 17 teeth on the cast on 3rd gear.

The input shaft I went to replace the above with has an additional tooth both on the 4th and 3rd gear, so not usable, it's designed for a 750cc's gearbox.


Oh, and the "spare disk" I had so wisely ordered and put aside?  I failed to examine it when I originally got it and one side's clutch material was loose so it was not usable!


 The 650 gearbox awaits parts

The beemer awaits the new(old) clutch disk

So now waiting on arrival of another 60's era clutch disk and trying to source a 650 input shaft in good condition.

Sigh.  Yes, all part of the life of a Ural rider....and I've borrowed more vicissitude by having a rig with a Beemer engine!  Yay me.


Unknown said...

When you marry a German to a Russian, sometimes there is discord

redlegsrides said...

Very true Bruce, very true

Learning to Golf said...

Well, if it ain't one thing then its another. At least you have a spare Ural.

SonjaM said...

Well Dom, at least it will never get boring...

redlegsrides said...

Boring reliable, that'd be OK ....

redlegsrides said...

Exactly AZ AD!

CCjon said...

Too much torque for the drivetrain? Though all repairable with money and time, right? At least you are not considering crush-n-burn your rig like that guy on Soviet Steeds.

redlegsrides said...

Bural says he's never seen that happen to a BMW clutch disk so am hoping it was freak happenstance Jan. We'll see, also thinking of using CJ sprung clutch disk modeled after car clutch disk, that's inbound. I'm a sucker for punishment, drama queen not so much.