Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sunset near Moab, after a rainy day

No riding for me during the day today, got work done instead while it lightly rained on us hear for most of the day.  Gray clouds, steady sprinkling rain and cold but mild winds didn't deter some of the Uralisti however, which I was glad to see.

Not a lot of rain mind you, more of annoyance than anything else.  We here at the campground hope that the sunset we saw tonight augurs for a nice weather day tomorrow so we can get some more group riding accomplished.

Speaking on sunsets though, Troy, the rider from Maine who writes for the Bangor Daily News popped his head in Chris L.'s tent where I was BS'ing and had me come outside to look at the clearing skies and the promising colors of a sunset.

We both geared up and went in separate directions to try and capture the sunset's light.  As I exited with Fiona out of the campground, I saw the nearby butte lit up beautifully by the setting sun which was behind the Seven Mile Ridge across the street.

I didn't get there in time to pose Fiona though, the rich colors dulled quickly as the setting sun made its way westward.

So I decided to chase the sun as it lowered itself in the west horizon.  Fiona and I made good speed along UT Highway 313 which leads one eventually to the Canyonlands National Park.  We didn't go that far, just a few miles past the Monitor and Merrimac Overlook site.

I almost missed the setting sun by the time I found a good spot to pose her along a dirt road about a mile from UT Hwy 313.

We motored home in the rapidly darkening evening light, Fiona's head lamp lighting the pave UT Hwy 313 as we motored on back to the campground.

The rock formations and canyon walls on both sides of the road looked quite nice silhouetted against the evening sky.

Got back with no issues, only sunset pictures today, not much in the way of riding by me.  The new battery on Fiona performed well and I've confirmed she charges nicely at above 2000 RPM.


TRB said...

Very well-timed sunset pictures and very timely posting!

redlegsrides said...

Thank you TRB

Oz said...

All of your sunset photos and post has made me decide to try to get some sunset photos on my next trip. The colors are awesome. I am so ready for my summer trip to Colorado. July can't get here soon enough.

RichardM said...

Wonderful colors on the sunset photos.

I had forgotten that you have the anemic airhead alternator. Less than half the output of the Ural. I still like the Enduralast permanent magnet alternator. A great upgrade. Simpler, no more diode board or brushes and 450 watts. And the dealer is in Denver...

Sheila said...

Love reading your blog, thanks for the post. Great blog.

Trobairitz said...

Good job racing the sunset. The pictures are beautiful.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz!

redlegsrides said...

Thomas Osburn, please let me know when you are in the state! The US Sidecar National Rally is in July in Hotchkiss by the way.

RichardM, the existing alternator is rumored to be able to power heated grips. As to replacing the exiting one, there's other things to be done to Fiona first.....though now debating how far to go to make her as weather-terrain proof as Scarlett.

Sheila, thanks for your comments.

Trobairitz, it was the power of the Beemer engine that enabled it all. Thanks for the comments.