Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Fiona: Some Electrical Work and Starting Scarlett's 35K KM Services.

Today I managed to complete the following electrical work on Fiona, my '99 URAL Patrol with a Beemer engine.

Better Turn Signal Flasher:

Replaced the stock PC427 Russian Thermal flasher unit with a modern electronic flasher which is more reliable and draws way less amps when in operation.  Had to create new connectors, but minor work.

source: LINK
Russian PC427

source: AdvanceAuto
Tridon EL12

Bought a relay, 12 gauge wire, connectors, a plain switch to wire up the auxiliary lights on either side of the main headlight correctly.  The auxiliary lights had come disconnected with Fiona from the previous owner and there were no obvious connections to use for them.

My first attempt to install a relay resulted in melting the "hot wire" due to stupidity on my part, I had followed the wrong instructions that I found using google.  The relay didn't come with wiring instructions, go figure.

Following a short tutorial on youtube to remind me which connectors on the relay did what, it was then just a matter of wiring things up, taking care to use shrink tubing to secure connections.

screen capture from youtube video: LINK

Second attempt went well enough, though I ended up having to troubleshoot the ground wire for the relay, I used the same ground cable as the one used by the horn, and that didn't work as expected. Once I switched to a different grounding point, it all worked as expected.

Electrical work is something with which I struggle at times.  The concepts are simple, it's the actual wiring of connections that trip me up at times.

Here's Fiona with her headlight in high beam mode.

The switch is mounted on one of two pre-existing holes on the headlight bucket cover.  I am unsure what the previous owner used the holes for, now one holds the switch for the auxiliary lights.

Can you see me now?

Sadly, even all these lights will fail to prevent the many unwary cagers out there from executing a left turn in front of you!  Always assume they don't see you, especially if you're on two wheels.  Sidecar rigs are wide enough that most cagers perceive them as a threat since they're nearly as wide as cars; that leaves usually only the a-holes that like to cut in front of traffic to make a turn.

The auxiliary lights ought to come in handy when off road and in dark conditions, not sure I'll be using them on paved roads as they're quite bright.

Scarlett's 35K KM Service Interval Notes:

Today I swapped out her engine oil and filter, transmission oil (which came out clean I am glad to report) after being rebuilt by IMWA's Sergey, and the final drive oil.


RichardM said...

Looks like a fairly generic relay. I've been getting them in packs of 5 from Amazon. Amazingly cheap. The ones I have put the wiring diagram on one side of the relay. The Ural horn is wired like most bikes. Switched positive to one terminal and the horn button switches the ground connection. Bob C. R100GS is wired the same way. I had never looked at the RT but I suspect it's the same setup.

35K km. Almost time for a rebuild?

redlegsrides said...

PO had significantly, IMO, departed from standard Ural wiring harness. It adds complications.

SonjaM said...

If they don't see you now, they'll likely legal blind ;-)

Diamond Dave said...

I hope you paid well under "book price" for your new rig, given all the work youve had to do on it!!!

redlegsrides said...

Diamond Dave, oh well below Dave, well below....not to mention, these conversions are rare.