Saturday, April 16, 2016

Snowy Test Ride for the new U-Joint

We woke to a snow-covered landscape here in the Metro Denver area, my neighborhood sporting about 4-5 inches of fluffy snow but with temperatures just hovering above freezing.

The weather guessers are saying it's going to snow all day and night, and we're under a Winter Storm Warning till 6:00 AM Sunday.

As the snow was falling, it was too "wet" to take Fiona, my '99 URAL with the Beemer R80 engine out to play.  She's got exposed "muffin top" air filters directly on her carburetors you see, and the snow would quickly clog them up.

So it fell to Scarlett, which needed to be taken out anyways to give a good test of her new u-joint on the sidecar side of the 2WD drive shaft.

Of course, first the driveway and sidewalks had to be cleared of snow.  It didn't take long with the help of Miles, my youngest son.  There was already a thin layer of snow covering the areas we'd cleared when we finished.

Into this snowy environment, went Scarlett and I.  The main roads were kind of plowed but very slushy and wet.  No ice was found by Scarlett and most cagers were taking it easy in the limited visibility conditions.


The neighborhood streets were pretty much single tracked ruts in the snow, made by vehicles that had preceded Scarlett and I as we wandered through the neighborhood.  Folks were out digging out their driveways and they'd stop, watch and wave as we motored on by.

The new u-joint did great, I had to engage 2WD several times while out riding and no issues.


RichardM said...

Really wet snow! Looks like a successful repair.

redlegsrides said...

Slush city RichardM, slush city.....

SonjaM said...

I thought that you were area would be done with snow for this season. However, it looks like an ideal terrain to test Fiona's boundaries.

redlegsrides said...

Actually SonjaM, we usually wait for the last snowfall around Mother's Day before turning the water back on for the underground sprinklers. Still snowing lightly so Fiona must wait, due to exposed air filters.

Trobairitz said...

Snow in April is just so wrong, but sure makes for great pictures.

We are supposed to see 83˚F today instead of our April showers. Go figure

redlegsrides said...

We'll get at least one more snow storm I think, we usually get one more dump of snow before Mother's Day. thanks for the comments Trobairitz.