Friday, January 08, 2016

More Light Snow

We got perhaps another two inches of snow starting from overnight to about 1:00 PM this afternoon when it seemingly tapered off.

A bit colder than yesterday though as the temperature on the onboard thermometer displayed 24.5°F (-4.1°C) throughout the ride.  The skies were solidly overcast but one could see a rather dim disk in the sky at times, it being the sun trying to break through and mostly failing.

Once again, I avoided the unwary and unskilled at snow driving cager traffic by motoring over to the ranching suburb to the southeast of my home neighborhoods.

The additional snow on the dirt roads of the ranching neighborhood made for more scenic snow-clad terrain and as always, traffic was quite light at this time of day.

 On my way to the ranching suburb, the tree-lined street near
Grandview High School.

As Scarlett and I were motoring out of the ranching suburb, headed back towards home, we spotted and stopped to stare back at these young bucks who were looking us over.

So used they've apparently become to human presence, I was able to slowly walk over to the fence line in the above picture to get an unblocked view of them before they started to slowly walk away from me.

I rode back home via back roads to avoid cager traffic on Smoky Hill Road, got home with no issues and proceeded to clear the driveway and sidewalks with the snow blower.  I must have been quite the sight, clearing snow while still wearing my riding gear and helmet!  :)


RichardM said...

I like the images. They look almost B/W except for the rig. Is that a setting in the camera?

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM
I was going for the monochromatic effect so I overexposed the shot then did some post-processing as well. has a toll that lets you do it as well.

redlegsrides said...

tool, that is...

Unknown said...

Several years ago my brother-in-law was shoveling a skiff of snow from his driveway when he slipped and knocked his head against the bumper of his car and sustained a slight concussion. He was wearing dress shoes.

Maybe wearing riding gear to clear the driveway isn’t such a bad idea—the opinions of the neighbors be damned! :)

redlegsrides said...

Ry, your comment reminds me of this ATGATT humor poster: