Saturday, January 09, 2016

First Sunset Series for 2016

What with the cold weather and recent snow falls, the sunsets here in Colorado had been a tad on the "weak" side for my tastes.

Most of the daylight hours were with sunny skies but very high levels of haze in the athmosphere, precluding shots of nearby Mount Evans while I was at the Denver Tech Center picking up a new tire for Scarlett's pusher wheel.

This shot should give you an idea of how hazy things were in terms of getting a look at the mountains to the west:

Westlands Park

This evening's sunset showed promise and so Scarlett and I motored out about an hour before sunset to see what we could see during the golden hour and of course during the actual sunset.

 At Martha's High School parking lot

 A snow covered trail leading to a gate guarding some grazing fields

I positioned Scarlett at what I've come to call Sunset Point, its a paved area where someday there will be a road going into a new housing development, near the junction of Picadilly Road and Hampden Avenue.

As you can see, I'd call this sunset a "fair" one.  Quite a few golds and reds but no dramatic fiery colors illuminating cloudy skies.  I am beginning to think that's a summer thing here in Colorado.

Still, the pictures came out OK and they should give you an idea of the color changes as the sun finally set behind the front range mountains.  Temperatures were in the middle to high 20s Fahrenheit as the sun faded from the sky, so not too cold.

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