Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A More Colorful Sunset

This past Saturday, Scarlett and I tried for the first set of sunset shots for 2016.  We had a "fair" sunset but it wasn't up to the usual colorful sunsets we've captured before.

This evening I left a bit earlier than usual to see what kind of sunset we would get here today in the great state of Colorado.  Apparently, I'd missed a gorgeous sunset yesterday, based on some of the postings on facebook!

A view of Longs Peak from the normal sunset viewing location.

Mount Evans

As sunset approached, instead of the usual sunset viewing location, Scarlett and I motored a bit further north to a parking lot on the southern border of Buckley Air Force Base.  You get a wide view of the horizon, Mount Evans was visible and on really clear days, you can see Pikes Peak from that location.

Longs Peak from near Buckley AFB

As the sun started to get lower in the sky, the skies glowed with a golden yellow tint....still, it appeared to me at that time that this sunset would not be very special.

Yours truly, waiting for more than just a yellow sunset...

Appearing first as just faint tinges of pink and red edges in the skies above the front range mountains, the sunset rapidly began to show gorgeous colors:

As I kept shooting the western skies, I chanced to look over to the east and saw how nicely it was being illuminated by the setting sun:

The sun went behind the front range mountains and the red colors really started to make their appearance!

One of the last shots, with the last vestiges of sunlight illuminating
the bottom edges of the farther clouds.

I pretty much had left the lights turned on for close to an hour while shooting the 177 images I brought home to sort through.  Scarlett's battery behaved as if drained when I went to crank the engine!  Instead of draining it further, I just used the kick starter and after two kicks, she roared to life.

I also had my jump starter battery kit with me, so no worries.  I must remember though to not leave the battery running so long.  It was just such a gorgeous sunset, that all I could think about is getting shot after shot.

Hope you like this series of sunset pictures.  Scarlett ran good as usual, the two-into-one exhaust headers don't appear to have any more exhaust leaks that I can find.


Bluekat said...

Very nice - Worth the wait! I'd be afraid to leave the lights on for any amount of time though.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Bluekat, Kari, I think I may have pushed it with leaving the lights on for so long....still, I was ready in case the battery was dead. Probably not good for the battery to keep doing that though....will bring an auto battery next time, if I remember.

RichardM said...

I like it when the sun illuminates the clouds from below. Always a memorable sunrise or sunset.

Maybe lash a generator to the back rack. It'll make a great picture!

redlegsrides said...

Funny RichardM, funny....but I think a car/marine btry in the tub will be sufficient.

Anonymous said...

That one of you would have been a great choice for the Self Portrait assignment in the 52 week challenge! :-)

redlegsrides said...

Thanks motoventures, it ain't easy being me....

SonjaM said...

You'd win any contest with these pictures, Dom. Wow!

redlegsrides said...

Danke SonjaM! I am glad they pleased you.

Oz said...

Awesome photos. Your cover photo is incredible.

redlegsrides said...

Thank you Thomas Osburn, very nice of you to say so.