Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The European Trip, Day 18 - BMW Museum and Munich

Today we toured sites in the center of M√ľnchen or Munich, the largest and capital city of Bavaria here in Germany.

A remnant of the Munich Olympics
which is next door to BMW World

First stop was the BMW Museum just a few blocks from our hotel.  The museum itself didn't open till 10AM so we meandered through BMW Welt or World (largest and fanciest car dealership I've seen yet).  It is here where new BMW car and I assume motorcycle owners pickup their new cars under a premium program run by BMW.  Very Fancy.

Didn't really take a lot of pictures at BMW World, it was after all, mostly cars.  Of the new motorcycles on display, I did get one of the new RNineT, Roadster.  Not a bad looking machine and recently reviewed by scooterinthesticks: LINK

We went in shortly after 10AM and I headed straight for the displays of vintage BMW motorcycles of course.

The building on the right is the museum, the towers on
the left (designed to look like engine pistons I read somewhere)
is BMW headquarters I believe.

Many such machines, am just going to post a few of the ones I shot:

BMW R32 
produced 1923-1926

photo by Martha

R75 Military Sidecar 1941-44
approximately 18,000 produced

R25/3 Sidecar 1953-56
47,700 produced.

Racing Sidecar

The motorcycle which started a whole new world of riding:
Off-road adventure riding.
21,864 produced.

Booth babe Martha shows off the Isetta

photo by Miles

Parking can be a difficult thing here in Munich.

After the BMW Museum, we took the metro or U-Bahn towards the old part of Munich, the city center, getting off at Marienplatz.

The clock tower at Marienplatz
We were here shortly before 12 Noon to witness the
Glockenspiel show:

The video is sped up 2X and audio replaced accordingly

After the Glockenspiel show, we walked over to the world famous and touristy Hofbrauhaus for lunch and some beers.  Tasty food, tasty beer.  

One of the upstairs beer halls, almost empty.
We ate downstairs where the Oompah Band was playing.

At the Hofbrauhaus

A bit of fooling around....

We also walked through part of the Munich Farmer's Market
with its colorful May Pole

Of course, we had to check out some of the nearby churches near Marienplatz:

Asam Church, a bit over the top perhaps.
Built by two brothers who used the church to highlight
their artistic abilities.

Munich's Frauenkirche
This is the church with the two tall bell towers, one of
which was being renovated, so no pics of that but here's
a picture of it after it was destroyed by allied bombs
during WWII:

source: picture in the church

Sarcophagus for King Ludwig IV of Bavaria
(Not Mad King Ludwig)

Next up was Saint Michael's church where Mad King Ludwig is entombed in a metal crypt(?)

It cost us 2 Euros apiece to go into the crypt where several metal caskets containing Bavarian Royalty are on display.

Final resting place for Mad King Ludwig
builder of Neuschwanstein Castle

This church was also heavily damaged during WWII
source: picture in the church

Some more wandering about, some more shopping by Miles and Martha, and soon it was time to return to the hotel so I could get some work done via the Internet.

photo by Martha

photo by Martha


RichardM said...

Interesting final photo…

The museum had some interesting stuff. George's Isetta didn't look that good when it was pulled out last month.

SonjaM said...

Welcome to Germany, Dom & Family. I love Munich but it is just way too expensive to live there. Pretty much like Vancouver but without the Pacific ocean...

Trobairitz said...

Everyone looks pretty tired in that last picture.

You are seeing so many great and beautiful things though.

The BMW museum really looked interesting.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, I was feeling pretty tired by the end of that were the boys.

Lots of room within the Isetta, I was surprised to see.

SonjaM, thanks...neat city but I think too big for me.

Trobairitz, we were all tired, it was another death march day as we've taken to kidding about.

ToadMama said...

I can never get enough of the churches in Europe. Especially the stained glass. The RNineT was cool, but I could do without the gold on the forks. Looks like another grand day.