Friday, June 05, 2015

Found Valencia's Picture on Ebay....

Just goes to show you how one's pictures, when posted on the Internet, can end up in the most unforeseen spots.

Happily, the person who used the picture, did somewhat of an attribution in that the source was listed as "redlegsrides", which a google search usually renders my blog's location. (10,200 hits on their search engine)

Still, I never figured it would be found on of all places!

I get an email from you see, listing boards I might be interested in looking at and possibly following.  I saw one offering calling itself "Colorado!" and it peaked my interest as you might imagine.  After all, I am always looking for new locations to shoot in this great state I live in.

While perusing the "Colorado!" board's pins, lo and behold I spot what is unmistakably one of my photographs of Valencia!

Now, seeing my stuff on other pinterest boards is not a surprise, that's why one shares one's stuff on pinterest right?  What drew my attention was that the board owner cited the source as

Ebay?  Huh?

So I clicked on the picture which pinterest hyperlinks to the source.  It led me to this page on where the author is showing a listing of pictures in an article called: "10 Spectacular U.S. Road Trips You Didn't Know Existed".

Yep, there was the picture of Valencia on the Million Dollar Highway from a posting I'd published back in May 3, 2012:

So, since when is in the business of listing such articles?  I couldn't see that it was for auction or sale but then again, the publishing date of this article was May 29, 2014.

On the one hand, I was happy to find attribution by the article's author.  On the other, it makes me wonder what the purpose of this article was to the author.  Sure, it's to list what considers some great Road Trips.  But on Ebay?!  Not exactly the place I'd pick to drive traffic to my website.

Anyways, here's the original picture from my posting, I believe the ledge that Valencia is sitting on is no longer there, must have "fallen off" or been removed by CDOT to stop folks from using it.

Link to the blog posting

a better view of the ledge, from the original posting as well
but tweaked a bit using google photos tools

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Trobairitz said...

Wow, you never know where a picture will turn up. eBay seems a weird place for the ad though.

David Masse said...

A month ago I found a whole bunch of my posts reposted on a site with attribution. There was a link to request removal which I did. The content was removed.

You can't help but feel exploited.

That ebay reposting sure is peculiar Dom.

Did you notify ebay?