Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The European Trip, Day 10 - Monterosso Al Mare

Before we left the city of Pisa this morning, we went back to the Leaning Tower area and got tickets to see the inside of the Battistero or Baptistry.

We were a bit early for the projected 10:00 AM of the Cathedral next door so we wanted to look at the inside of the large dome that is the baptistry.

We left Pisa shortly after seeing the Cathedral.  We took the A12 Autostrada northwards towards Cinque Terre, famed tourist towns on Italy's La Spezia National Preserve.

A quaint mountain top town we spotted from the autostrada
while getting diesel for the Jeep

We neared the town of Monterosso al Mare, the northernmost of the five towns that make up the Cinque Terre and "enjoyed" heavy rains as we got nearer to the coast.  It's a very twisty road, with tight turns that leads one from the Autostrada to the town.  Martha apparently had her eyes closed several times during the hairpin turns, especially when there was oncoming traffic.

I will admit it was "interesting" driving, but not too bad and no really close calls with oncoming cars.

After a bit of searching, we found our hotel, got parked and settled in with what appeared to be very fast 4G WiFi hotspot provided by the renters.  It would slow down to almost useless later in the evening, very disappointing.  I am typing this while connected to the Internet with the data sim I got for my iphone instead, way faster.

Same system, both are using TIM as providers, but the local frequencies used by the wifi hotspot appear overwhelmed by users.

Anyways, we did wander around town both in the afternoon and after sunset.

Shopping in Old Town Monterosso Al Mare
photo by Martha

Gelato Break
photo by Martha

A view of Monterosso Al Mare from one of the firing ports
of a WWII German Pillbox fortification left over from the war.

Miles on top of the pillbox

A view of "new" portion of Monterosso

A view of "old" portion of Monterosso
The town portions are separated by a ridge that is cut through
by a small tunnel and spanned also by a path that
is built over the ridge.

From Monterosso, you can just see part of Vernazza, the next
town in the Cinque Terre.  We hope to visit it tomorrow.
The above picture was taken at max zoom

Martha and I with "new" Monterosso in the background
photo by Miles

Evening in Monterosso al Mare
photo by Martha

Evening shot of Monterosso Al Mare from the breakwater rocks.


RichardM said...

Beautiful ocean views! I like the colors in the evening photp.

redlegsrides said...

Added photos from Martha's camera

Oz said...

Your trip is amazing. Great pictures, again.

redlegsrides said...

Thank you, Thomas O for your kind words. Today's pictures will be better!

Trobairitz said...

The villages built on the hills are really neat to me. To think how they were built upon the rock....

I'm with Martha, my eyes would probably be closed on some of those corners too.

Artie & Leinen's Grand Adventure said...

I agree with Richard. I love the colors of the water, but also the colors of the buildings. Can you share what flavors of gelato you are eating? Richard left a few hours ago.

David Masse said...

Dom it's so weird.

It's like you're covering the same ground Susan and I covered so far, but we did it over two successive summer holidays in Italy.

Because I am late following your posts I kind of know how much more is to come. What an amazing vacation.

redlegsrides said...

Sorry for the late reply to you Trobairitz and to you Bridget....missed replying to your comments.
Trobairitz, I found that closing my eyes as well during those close corners helped a lot. ;)

Bridget, the colors involved were nice but intense as well, I like them a lot. As to flavors, I've been doing the closest to vanilla. Martha is more adventurous.

David M. thanks, glad you liked the coverage.

ToadMama said...

Oh, what a beautiful place. That mountain town is quite intriguing. I MUST visit the Cinque Terre. I couls so live in Italy... I find their drivers "efficient," as someone once described. Maybe a tour book? They do get from Point A to Point B quickly and efficiently, don't they?

redlegsrides said...

Italian taxi drivers will scare the most street-wise driver!