Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Uraling in the Cold

We're having a cold snap crossing the state since Monday, today we woke to temperatures at around 1°F and we had perhaps a couple of inches of snow on the ground.  Yay!

I bundled up and left the house hoping to catch sunrise pictures.  Alas, while there was plenty of snow on the roads, the mountains were not visible and the sun was blocked by gray clouds.  It felt like we were inside a frosted over glass globe you know?

Today is our wedding anniversary, can you believe Martha has put up with me for over 19 years?  I should put her in for sainthood!

As I was due to work at the data center in Highlands Ranch, I left the house a bit early and swung by the grocery store to pick up flowers for Martha.  I delivered them in person, while riding Scarlett of course.

Martha liked them a lot and proceeded to drag me around the admin offices, showing off her flowers.

It was 0°F when I left the high school and proceeded towards the SW portion of the Metro Denver area where the data center is located.  Road conditions on the main arteries were not bad, some snow but the channels left by cars showed clear road.

The city streets were clogged with cars, so I rode on E-470 and made it to work with no issues and in good time.

Work went well, racking some equipment for an upcoming migration from old to new server.

We were done by 2PM.  I went to the parking lot and started Scarlett after several cranking attempts by the electric starter.  I am still running 20W50 so not surprising, made a mental note to pack the small jump starter kit, just in case.

Warming up Scarlett

Once the engine caught, I finished donning my riding gear.  One of the two snap buttons that hold the breath mask onto my Skidoo Snow Helmet failed, so I had to ride home with minor fogging issues, but no problems overall.

Got home with no issues, used the snow blower to clear the driveway and the cul-de-sac's sidewalks.

Temperatures had soared to 4°F by the time I left Highlands Ranch so I didn't have to tuck my boots' toes close to the the engine jugs as I had to do in the morning!

I used summer gloves while riding today, I think I'll switch to medium weight gloves for the next ride.  My palms and fingers were warm enough with the heater control at 50%, but the outside portions of my hands felt slightly cold.  The Kolpin grip covers are working pretty good, I wish they were a little shorter but otherwise, no complaints, and they sure keep the cold air from my hands!

Oh, and my Bell Cyclometer?  Apparently it doesn't like cold weather, it refused to work to show my speed.  Oh well, I guess the designers didn't expect some fool to be out using their cyclometer in such cold weather?
Update: a new battery on the sender unit of the cyclometer did the trick, now its sending data, at least at 14°F anyways.


Bluekat said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Kari!

RichardM said...

Happy Anniversary! Amazing that the flowers didn't freeze on the trip from the store to the school. A common problem around here.

I haven't had any problem starting the rig even after having it sitting outside at -10°F all day when I still had the 20w50 oil. It always seems to start on the first compression. This is without using the engine heater. It hasn't gotten cold enough to even try it out.

David Masse said...

It's odd, I always assume (wrongly) that Montreal is a cold wintery place.

We do get hammered, but I see that the west and mid-west and is worse off than we are here.

Good luck Dom! Mind you, you're really well equipped for it.

I suppose I should say 'enjoy the snow'.

SonjaM said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.

Let the good times begin... looking forward to your winter ride reports.

Trobairitz said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to you and Martha.

Brrr, I don't envy your weather. I shall stick to 36 and rain, sigh. I don't have to shovel rain.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, was a short ride from the grocery store to the school, not even frost on the petals. AS to hard starting, I think I should have left the throttle alone, no choke with EFI of course, which always helped me start my 2011 when it was cold out. We'll see next time we're out in the cold together. I may put in a headlight bypass switch to turn off the headlight for starts.

redlegsrides said...

David, thanks, I will.

SonjaM, work kept me inside all day today, darn it. Thanks for the anniversary wish.

Trobairitz, Thanks, I find snow more enjoyable than rain personally....though I bet your snow storms are wetter...which makes them miserable even on three wheels.

Steve Williams said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Martha! Nineteen years is an achievement.

Looks cold in your pictures. I know you like it but I've not warmed to the cold yet. Seems to get more challenging every season to wrap my head about winter riding.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Steve, looking forward to pics of you in that new riding jacket and the vespa atop some snow.....