Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Uraling in Snowy Neighborhoods

Yesterday, it snowed lightly most of the day here in the Metro Denver area but I was stuck inside doing work.

This morning however, no work to be done and the sun was out in force, showing us that uniquely blue sky that we get to enjoy here in Colorado, since we're about a mile closer to the sun than the rest of the country.

I headed out to the usual neighborhoods near my home, noting how the main roads were quite rideable on three wheels though there was the sporadic slipping of the pusher tire where snow remained thick enough.

A nice view of snow-covered Mount Evans
from East Sand Creek Road

The Front Range Mountains
from Rockinghorse Parkway

From the Saddle Rock Golf Course
using my old Panasonic Lumix ZS5

Same viewpoint but with the Nikon Camera and it's
lesser zoom capability

Scarlett and I started riding with temperatures around 5°F and the cold was not really a factor.  By the time we were headed home, temperatures had soared into the teens, the snow on the main roads was gone leaving behind wet roads.  

I was wearing so many layers that I was actually starting to get too warm!  Got home, cleared the driveway and sidewalks of snow with the snow blower and now sit warmly ensconced in my house writing this.


VStar Lady said...

Scarlet really stands out against the snow ... makes me think of Santa's sleigh!

Steve Williams said...

Every time I see your URAL with the mountains in the distance I can't help but think of our ride to the foothills and how FAR away they are.

And beautiful. As if the world is new. As VStar Lady said, Scarlet really does leap out of the snowy landscape. Definitely the right color choice. Glad you didn't get the olive drab version...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Bluekat said...

These are gorgeous! I agree Scarlett looks great in the snow.

Trobairitz said...

Cold temperatures, but beautiful pictures. Love that blue sky with the white snow. Of course they wouldn't look as nice without Scarlet in them.

RichardM said...

Are the wet roads from warmer temperatures or chemical additives? Hopefully the former.

David Masse said...

Gorgeous photos.

redlegsrides said...

Santa's there's an idea.

Steve, not that far away, the mountains....just when you're thinking you might miss your flight!
Thanks for your comments.

Bluekat, kind of hard to take bad pictures with such scenery, and yet I still manage it. Perhaps I need a better camera.

Trobairitz, the temperatures were fine. And yes, Scarlett makes the pics!

RichardM, additives: mag chloride

thanks David M.

redlegsrides said...

Replaced one of the pics with a whimsical version of same.