Saturday, November 08, 2014

Stewie Sunset

A fine clear and sunny day here in Colorado where the temperatures reached the mid-60s!  We're definitely in an Indian Summer kind of weather pattern.

I was running an errand on Stewie, Martha's Genuine Buddy 125 Scooter.  I try to exercise Stewie when the riding to be done is just local to the neighborhood.

As I left the library where I was picking up a book for Martha, the sun was setting and I headed over to a local church's parking lot that has a nice view of the mountains.

As Colorado sunsets go, it wasn't the best one I've experienced but for today, it'll do.  Hope you got some riding in!


RichardM said...

Only rode about 20 miles today running around town. But enough to warm up the engine to do an oil change. There was some evidence of moisture in the crankcase. I guess I need to take the scenic routes more often.

SonjaM said...

Not much riding for me due to a flu bug.

Good to see that Stewie also gets to present itself it the best light.

Trobairitz said...

Nice to see Stewie out for a sunset ride. If our fog lifts we'll see some sun at some point. Tuesday I think, lol.

David Masse said...

Dom we're fresh out of anything resembling summer, and almost out of anything resembling fall come to think of it.

Bluekat said...

Stewie's so cute! Love the sunset pics.

I tried to take Sam for a little ride this afternoon, but Ron recruited me to help him with his little storage shed project.

Steve Williams said...

Hard for me to imagine you on a scooter Dom. Your stern countenance just doesn't match the hippie like freedom of a scooter....*grin*

Warm here today -- almost 60F. Unfortunately I'm sick as a dog and feel like dying. Hope my new riding jacket comes soon while I can still see it...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Paul Stone said...

You guys have a scooter too ?! Sweet ! I have been perusing the scooter fan sites for a few months now. I do like the Buddy 125, seems like a great scoot !

redlegsrides said...

RichardM.....check out the cold weather info I just sent you from Jason at URAL.

SonjaM, hope you're feeling better!

Trobairitz, thanks.

David M: thanks for the visit.

Bluekat, riding or working on projects with the hubby....hmmmmm...such a good wife you are.

Steve, stern countenance? I swear I am smiling in all pictures you see of me.....really.

Paul, yep, it's a neat scooter....not great on mud though, probably the tires. It's supposed to be Martha's scooter to ride but .....