Saturday, April 05, 2014

Scarlett's 1000 Kilometer Service

Started this morning checking the valve clearances on Scarlett, the intake valve clearances were spot on, the exhaust ones were a tad loose so I tightened both sides up, no issues.

Then I spent the rest of the morning hunting down the "Generic" motorcycle oil filter that is now used by 2014 Ural Sidecar Rigs.  By "Generic" I had assumed, and read online, to mean readily available.  Not quite.  Tried two different auto parts places, called a Yamaha dealer, and finally a guy at a NAPA store said one of their branches had one.

The model is a WIX 57207 or Mann W75/3.  The one I found locally cost me $23 and since today was oil change day, I paid the price.  The Mann filters are available online from Amazon for a bit over $9 each, guess I'll be stocking up on those soon; to be used on future oil changes.

Fun Trivia fact, the guys at NAPA looked up what car would actually use the WIX 57207 and their database only reported one  The 2006-07 Nissan Micra.  Micra? Yeah, never heard of it either.

This supply issue aside, changing the oil filter proved to be oh so less messy that the old Russian Oil filter setup on the pre-2014 rigs!  No oil drips from the filter or it's mounting point whatsoever.  I changed out the engine/transmission and final drive oils as usual, no issues but there was the expected "swarf".

 Above is the engine oil drain plug, looks gnarly but it was all
soft swarf except for one thin filament.  I fully expect much
less swarf at the next oil change.

 This is the fill plug for the transmission, the drain plug didn't have much
swarf on it, again, it was all soft stuff.  Not totally unexpected as 
the engine was being broken in.

Still sporting a coating of Final Drive gear oil, this is the drain plug
for the final drive, again, all soft swarf, no large or hard bits.

Took Scarlett out for a short ride, no leaks, and she ran just fine.  I topped off the engine and FD oil when I got home.

I am happy to report no metallic shavings/flakes/dust particles on the inside of either valve cover or the rockers/rods and upper surfaces of the jugs.

Rest of the services are inspection only, air filter, spoke tightness, etc.  I'll finish those off today and tomorrow.

Further research revealed a list of compatible oil filters compiled fy fellow Uralista: Darrell S.:

Oil Filters

Mann W 75/3
Napa Gold 7207
Fram PH10959
Fleetguard HF7615
Baldwin B307
Carquest 84207
Wix 57207
Bosch 3300
Napa Gold 1365
Mobil1 M1-108

Air filters:

K&N 33-2022
AC Delco A974C
Buick 25095333
Fram CA3916
Motorcraft FA1085
Napa 6139
Purolator A33590
Spectre HPR3916
Ural 104015075
WIX 46139


Front Caliper - SB8125..........M8 x 1.25mm x 27.99mm long
Rear Caliper - SB8125...........M8 x 1.25mm x 27.99mm long
Sidecar Caliper - SB1010S......M10 x 1.0mm x 31.35mm long


Richard M said...

Nissan Micra! I don't think those were ever sold in the U.S. though I remember seeing them in Canada. They were all over Japan and Singapore as that's about all that would fit in the driveway of most homes.

The spin-on filter would be a big improvement. Last weekend, the oil change on the airhead took hours due to all of the pieces that needed to be removed for access.

Charlie6 said...

RichardM, more research has revealed that compatible filters are also used on Renault Alliance and Encore cars from the mid-80s. The spin on filter took all of two minutes to was nice. Though now I have to buy a propery sized cap to grip it, today I used a universal filter wrench, but wouldn't want to travel with it.

SonjaM said...

I am not surprised that Nissan Micra wasn't popular in the US. It is a very small car, even by European standards.

Trobairitz said...

Funny it should be a Nissan Micra. My very first new to me car was a Nissan Micra, bought in British Columbia. As far as I know they've never sold them in the USA. If I even mention it at a Nissan dealer they look at you weird. It was small but cheap.

Charlie6 said...

Trobairitz, the NAPA database showed the Micra as the only US car using that filter, methinks they meant North America...excluding the US.

Anonymous said...

Bike is new so isnt maintenance covered under warranty?
Does doing it yourself void that warranty?

Charlie6 said...

Anonymous, nope, warranty isn't void if the owner does the services and no, services aren't paid for under the warranty