Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Uralisti Gathering in Moab, Utah

The invasion of the tourist town of Moab, Utah began this past Sunday with the arrival of the first contingent of Ural Sidecar Rig riders and support vehicles.  Several rides had been done by the time I arrive today, from Denver, trailering Scarlett, my 2014 URAL Patrol.

Here's a link to Tim L's ride report of the riding that was done prior to my arrival to Moab: LINK  Very much worth your time, he's got great pics and a great write up.

Martha let me take the X5 as Scarlett's tow vehicle

I got in around 3:30 PM, in time to see my fellow Uralista Tim L. buttoning up his rig.  He'd experienced a sheared u-joint on his rig's main drive shaft but had fortunately been able to obtain a replacement.  How, you are probably asking, was he able to do this?  Well, on Monday another Uralista from Denver, Scott had experienced a final drive failure on his 2010 Gear UP.

photo courtesy Tim L.

Scott  coordinated with Randy of Unique Rides who was also here earlier this week; and together they called Jason of Ural who overnighted a replacement final drive (not warrantied, sadly).  The final drive came with the u-joint part that Tim had to get replaced!  As Scott didn't need that part, he gave it to Tim and both rigs were up and running by the time I arrived.  How's that for great happenstance and support?

I counted at least sixteen Ural sidecar rigs scattered about the Arch View Resort Campground area.  There's rumors there's at least 20 but we shall see during tomorrow's riding.

 Fellow Uralista, Spat, volunteered once again to do the main cooking.

 Tim L and Dave, aka Mr COB discuss the day's riding

 Mike's Gobi with the old style camo paint scheme

 An old BMW Sidecar Rig?  Nope, a Dneper.

 Can you guess which state this rig came from?

Byron, with his two sons, with his rig from Northern Alberta

photo courtesy of Tim L.

There were a lot more Uralisti and friends meandering about the pot luck dinner that was put out today by Spat and Dana and others.  More pictures to come of course over the next two days that I am here.


Richard M said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day to head out there. How many 2014 models and did you compare notes with Mr COB?

Charlie6 said...

Only Mr COB and I are the only ones with 2014s that I've seen so far and yes, notes were compared.

SonjaM said...

Moab... sweet memories coming up. Will you be able to do some sight seeing or riding around in the gorgeous adjacent national parks?

Is the bike really an old Beemer side car? It almost looks like a Dnepr to me. Curious.

bob skoot said...


I like the Moab area. Must be cold at night for camping. Want to see where you went, can't wait for your photos.

A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

Charlie6 said...

You are correct SonjaM, it was a Dneper. I caught the sunrise at Arches National Park, pics tomorrow

Charlie6 said...

Bobskoot it gets cool at night but am in a small cabin, so it's all good.

Charlie6 said...

Added link to Tim L's writeup of the riding done before I got to Moab, good stuff, with lots of pics and details.

Anonymous said...

so she's a trailer queen now???

Charlie6 said...

Anonymous....well, when one is short of time....