Sunday, April 06, 2014

A Visitor from Alaska

RichardM, the stalwart sub-freezing rider of Alaska's Fairbanks region and moto-blogger, is in Denver for a work conference in the downtown area.

I met up with RichardM at Denver International Airport, I drove Scarlett of course as Richard had told me he travels pretty light and I'd mounted my spare cargo rack on to of the spare wheel yesterday in preparation.

The ride from the airport went without issues, though we kept a close eye on the incoming weather front that was rapidly rolling in from the west.  We managed to avoid all but a few drops of rain and arrived at my house with no issues.

Richard and Scarlett

We spent the afternoon hanging out at the house, Martha came home soon after we did and we all chatted for a bit before an early dinner.  Martha made her signature beef stir fry with Bak Choi, yummy as always.  After some putzing in the garage afterwards, I took Richard to his hotel in downtown Denver.  We took, Milli, the PT Cruiser as the skies threatened rain though it only sprinkled lightly.

Richard will be attending conferences all week, though we may have lunch on Wednesday as the conference is only one block from where I work.  Friday afternoon, I'll bundle Richard back onto Scarlett and he'll be spending the weekend at Casa Chang.  He's expressed interest in riding Skyline Drive down in Cañon City, about 90 minutes away by motorcycle, to the SW of Colorado Springs.

It was great to hang out with Richard for a few hours today, looking forward to doing some riding with him this coming weekend.


bob skoot said...


Richard's Jacket matches Scarlett. Too bad he missed the Ural demo days, he could have ridden a Ural home

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Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

Awesome. So cool to see Richard in the sidecar.

We always enjoy it when Richard visits. You'll have a great time.

Richard M said...

Thank you for picking me up from the airport. It was great to meet your family and looking forward to getting another ride next weekend!

SonjaM said...

First thing that came to mind was the matching colour of Richard's jacket. Nice to get together, even if it was just briefly.

bluekat said...

Richard matches so well with scarlett with the red jacket and all. How cool that you guys could have a get together while Richard is in town.