Monday, March 17, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Sunrise

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone.

It seemed less crowded on the ride into Downtown Denver today, perhaps some folks were still nursing hangovers from festivities this weekend in celebration of Saint Patrick's Day?

Riding in darkness has never been something I enjoy, so I welcome the lengthening days; more so when a nice sunrise is once again gracing Colorado's skies as I arrive safely downtown.

I took the elevators up to the 40th floor of the Republic Plaza building, the highest of the 56 floors comprising the tallest building in Colorado leased by Encana Natural Gas.

 The sunrise as I first arrived at the 40th floor, the corridor lights were as yet
unlit and so no window glare from inside lights.  Still, the camera caught
the exit sign's reflection, while I missed it.  In the end, I kept the photo as a
commentary on having to work in large cities and their downtown areas.

The building you see is the Wells Fargo "Cash Register" Building 

Brigitta is parked in the parking garage next to and underneath the
TIAA-CREF building.

On the 2014 URAL Patrol front, the shipping company reports the two crates destined for Unique Rides have been unloaded at their service center in Commerce City.  As Unique Rides, as most motorcycle dealerships, is closed won't be until tomorrow at the earliest before the crates are delivered.  I am thinking it'll be Thursday as scheduled.


Richard M said...

Nice sunrise and the green exit light is somehow fitting to the color of the day...

Charlie6 said...

Thanks, I didn't make the day color connection till you mentioned it. :)

bob skoot said...


I keep staring at that building and trying to find the cash register shape. Perhaps we are looking at the wrong angle.

Nice sunrise and nice green exit sign too. I am wondering why GREEN? Our exit signs are for use in emergencies to find our way out so they are RED.

I can't help but think that TOMORROW IS WEDNESDAY ! The BIG REVEAL. are you going to phone in SICK ? (cough, cough)

A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

I kind of like the reflection Dom. It is kind of like calling Batman in the sky......

Charlie6 said...

Bobskoot, no calling in sick.....being a contractor means no work, no pay....sick or not. I plan on going there Friday (Encana Friday off) to pick up the rig, it'll probably be put together Thursday.

Trobairitz, the sign is more of a "find a way out" of the current work location in my mind.

Richard M said...

Now it's going to sit in Denver for a week...

Mens Leather Jackets said...

Great post, cant wait for summer

bob skoot said...


I just checked the LINK again. still scheduled for delivery March 20th. Probably going to be delivered at 4:49pm

A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

Charlie6 said...

RichardM and Bobskoot: just checked the link, darn thing is still sitting on the dock in Commerce's only 1.5 hrs to Ft Collins, maybe the driver is getting lunch first.