Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nearing the 500 KM Mark on the 2014 Rig

On the commute home, I noted two things:  The 2014 Rig that I picked up this past Friday, was nearing the 500 kilometer mark in terms of mileage; it's now almost halfway to the 1000 Km mark where it's first service is due and the engine's break-in period is over.

The second thing was the low fuel level warning light had started blinking on, more often than not.  The manual says once the light stays lit it means one has reached the gas tank's reserve.  I kept monitoring the light, seeing the warning light remain lit for longer periods of time.  The light will blink more and more as the fuel level draws down and as the gas moves around inside the tank.

As the trip meter turned to 238 Km, I couldn't wait much longer and the warning light was staying on almost consistently so I stopped at the next gas station.

The tank became full with 3.84 gallons of gas, which means I had 1.16 gallons of fuel remaining.  The rig's manual states reserve is at 1 gallon.  The tripmeter reading was 239 Km, a heretofore unseen amount of kilometers, by me, on a URAL sidecar rig!  On Valencia, my 2011 Patrol, one had to switch to manual reserve usually between 170-190 Km.

That's roughly 63 KPG or 37 MPG!

The advertised better fuel economy due to the EFI system is showing very promising results on this second tank of gas used by my 2014 rig.  The first one I didn't count as the rig had the sidecar windshield mounted and it is known to cause a loss of MPG due to wind resistance.

The rig is running fine, just some hesitation and popping when the engine is cold, which goes away once she warms up.


Richard M said...

Now that the break in period is over the mileage will start dropping. Racing Cameros and Mustangs uses more gas… ;-)

Charlie6 said...

500 km to go for the break-in period. No racing Camaros or Mustangs, unless we're in deep snow.....

Trobairitz said...

Break in half over already - good job.

Nice that fuel mileage is better too.

Charlie6 said...

36 mpg, for a Ural rig, is great....thanks for commenting Trobairitz

bob skoot said...


I am just thinking out loud about the deceleration Popping. There must be too much gas, either that or the FI doesn't cut down the fuel fast enough when slowing down. How about "blipping" your throttle a slight bit to burn off the excess gas, and see if the popping stops. I don't think it's good to have the engine detonate on the down stroke. Less stress on the engine.

looks like the FI works and is more fuel efficient

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