Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: NoNoise Motorsports Hearing Protectors

Rating: Great for blocking Wind Noise!

I recently had a chance to review a pair of NoNoise Hearing protectors which are distributed by

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I'd read about them on a different motorcycling news site and had contacted them to ask for a review pair.
For the testing, I rode Brigitta, my '87 R80 BMW motorcycle, with its minimalist (read non-existent) wind protection over several days to test these protector's ability to block wind noise.

I am happy to report these protectors do what they advertise, all wind noise was blocked to the point that I would just hear "gentle breeze" noises while riding at highway speeds on windy days.  It was quite the welcome relief, as the micro sonic booms one hears in one's helmet not only damage your hearing but make you tired at the end of a long day's worth of riding.

Comfort-wise, I was also pleased.  Though you do feel and know you've got earplugs in, they didn't hurt after several hours and were easy to remove.  Note, these ear plugs seat snugly and don't stick out at all from your ears.

The material used was soft with a slightly grippy texture which made them easy to use.

I could still hear my engine's noise though it was attenuated somewhat and normal traffic sounds such as vehicles coming up behind or to the side of me were easily discernible.  You can carry on a conversation but as with most ear plugs, I ended up asking the other person to speak up a little.

Still, wind noise is what I was seeking to block and these protectors deliver!  Other less expensive ear plugs also block wind noise but also block everything else in my experience.

For the product's press release, just click on the link below the picture for more information.


Richard M said...

These look just like the ones that Brady Steffl reviewed a few months back. Similar packaging, different name.

What kind of earplugs do you normally use?

Charlie6 said...

I tend to use the foam disposable types....and usually when there's highway riding involved. Short rides, I tend to forget to wear ear plugs.

bob skoot said...


I started to use earplugs on the highway, but not in town and generally the bulk, disposable kind. I wanted to buy a custom pair but I haven't been to a bike show for over 2 years and they generally discount them there.

I like that carrying, metal case

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Riding the Wet Coast

Charlie6 said...

Hi Bob, the case is not metal it is plastic but it is very well-made

David Masse said...

Dom, I started wearing earplugs after I cut a windshield down and it resulted in a lot of turbulence (like when someone opens one rear window in the car on the highway).

Once I got used to wearing earplugs, they became like a seatbelt in the car, I kind of feel naked without them.

I recently purchased an assorted bag of earplugs from Aerostitch, and a dear friend just sent a pair of Etymotics. I got a whole bunch of earplugs to try out once the season starts.

Andrew Thomson said...

I'm on my second set of custom plugs (lost one of the originals down a drain) and wouldn't use anything else.

They are superbly comfortable (I can sleep with them in or ride all day and through the night with them in) and offer great hearing protection.

Some of the best money I've spent.

Charlie6 said...

David Masse, thanks for commenting....ear plugs are definitely a very personal thing ... I don't think there's one maker who can make everyone happy.

Andrew Thomson, thanks to you as well for commenting. Custom plugs I think I would lose and then regret the cost.