Monday, December 09, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Snow Ride

Sunday, a bit of snow during the early morning, coating all the messy ice and snow with a nice fresh white coating of snowy goodness.

The morning was spent on chores and coming to grips with the plans for tomorrow as we'll not have access to the insurance company provided rental car until sometime tomorrow morning.  I'll be shuttling both Martha and Patrick (my oldest son) to the high school a mile away, then working from home to take receipt of the rental car, turning it over to Martha in the afternoon so she's once again mobile.

After a sumptuous lunch of stir fried beef and bak choi (delicious), I cleared the small amount of newly fallen snow from the driveway and sidewalks and then headed out for a short ride.

The temperatures ranged from 14-16°F and it felt quite balmy.  Heck, after the frigid temperatures that have gripped our state the last few days, it was quite "nice".  It didn't even feel cold at all as I removed gloves to take pictures!

I wandered about the ranching neighborhoods to the SE of my home neighborhoods and got these shots:

I then motored over to the road bordering the Blackstone Country Club's grounds.  The trail had about 2-3 inches of snow covering it and it the silence and solitude was very nice.

Valencia did great, some slight sliding on built up snow mounds but no big deal otherwise.  The main roads were clear and wet, no problem for the cagers out seeking solace from their cage-centered lives.  Best part of the day?  Taking Martha in Valencia to go food shopping during the morning, what a trooper:


RichardM said...

Beautiful sky in your photos but I must admit that the last one is my favorite.

Trobairitz said...

Valencia sure pops against the white snow.

Great shots with the bright blue sky in there.

Martha looks happy. Morale must still be high even with the Schnitzel oops.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM and Trobairitz....morale is good.