Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Another Snowy Commute

I woke to maybe an inch of snow in my suburb located to the SE of the Denver Metro Area.  It was a brisk 6°F outside according to the house thermometer so I geared up with full winter riding gear.  This means, long underwear besides the usual complement of protective riding gear, then rain gear on top to keep out the winds.

It was packed snow in my neighborhood till I hit the main roads.  Himalaya Road was plowed and the road surface was barely snow covered.  Still, I and the cagers out with me before 6AM were driving cautiously and slowly.  Only two idiots in pickup trucks today, barreling their way through the traffic like drunken sailors, so it was all good.

I even had my neighbor and close friend Erik L. pull up alongside my rig and we exchanged waves. 

The roads became just wet as I entered the Denver city limits, must have been the effect of the magnesium-chloride mixture they spray the roads with to lower the freezing temperature of water. 

As I neared the downtown, I made the decision to detour through the city park and see what kind of photos one could take.  There wasn't enough light yet when I arrived near the lakeside entrance road so that one will have to wait for a better weather day.

 An old but large mortar, I believe that's a statue of MLK
in the background.  The above was shot in landscape mode which disables
the flash on the camera.
 Same spot, this time the camera was in AUTO mode and the
flash captured the falling snow flakes nicely I thought.
Across from the Denver City Park is East High School.
I continued in towards the downtown area, traffic was medium but moving and cautious drivers still were the rule.  I made it to the parking garage with no issues and parked in the prime parking spot for motorcycles.  I am pretty confident I'll be the sole occupant, unless my friend John S. aka Spat decides to ride his URAL Arctic Patrol in to work.
The snow is supposed to continue accumulating through most of the morning and early afternoon, we shall see.  Mr Weather Radar supports the forecast but unless the snow clouds start orbiting Denver, I am betting the snow will end by noon.
The temperature is a reported 8°F as I type this, we're well on the way to the forecast high of 11°F.
Update: 2:50 PM: Pics of surrounding buildings from the 40th floor:
 TIAA-CREF Building
 Key Bank Building


RichardM said...

" the forecast high of 11°F.

So it'll be a nice warm ride home. Do you manage to leave before rush hour or can you avoid most of the traffic?

The snow in the flash is an interesting effect. It almost looks painted in.

redlegsrides said...

Yes, it will be quite balmy. :)

I leave work at 4PM, so avoid some of the 5PM rush....its still not great in the chokepoints but bearable.

Unknown said...


I liked the flash with snowflakes best. Do you have slow shutter sync for flash ? It might be buried in Scene modes. Called Rear Curtain sync on dSLRs. This mode lets you use the flash BUT the shutter stays open longer for ambient lighting for the background.

we never get that cold here but this week we are going down to -7c (20°f) which is very unusual but no one here has winter clothing. We don't even have snow plows and it's going to snow next week

Riding the Wet Coast

redlegsrides said...

Hi Bob, I just checked all the modes, nothing like what you least, painfully obvious....

As to painfully obvious, a Canadian city with no snow plows?

SonjaM said...

The capture of the snow flakes is a nice one, Dom. Only motorcyclists seem to make a detour when commuting to or from work…

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, as to cagers taking detours for pics, who'd want a picture of their cage....too boring.


Spat said...

I was anxious to read your report from this morning, knowing you would post up. With no options you certainly keep a good mind set, even detours, not just inside City Park gates but you went around to the far side of the lake to get the mortor. You're always the sightseer to get the shot.
As I sit up on our 5th flr lunch room overlooking Civic Center park and the Capital build I was watching the snow thinking you'd like this view of the snow covered City. Almost imaging you driving Santa Claus in the sidecar down Colfax in the Parade of Lights.

redlegsrides said...

Hi Spat, your comment about the view from your building reminded me to take a break and go to my own building's 40th floor for pictures. I've added them to the posting.

Would be kind of fun, to ride the URAL in the Parade of Lights. Thanks for commenting.

Unknown said...


creative exposure modes. I think Night Portrait will let you turn your flash ON. Other modes will not enable flash. It will allow your shutter to drag open for longer than your flash duration

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

Heard on the news last night about your snow and I was wondering how you were doing. Nice to see you and Valencia just motoring right along.

redlegsrides said...

Trobairitz, ironically, the only part of the commute that was slippery was the last mile before home....lots of loose snow, hardly any plowing that I could see. Valencia was fishtailing a bit during that portion but didn't have to engage 2WD.

Thanks Bob, will try that mode out next time.

Bluekat said...

So pretty, all the snow. I really like the ones with the falling snow. Still, I'm glad it's there and not here.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Bluekat, does it snow in your part of Oregon much?

Bluekat said...

No, not much in the Willamette valley where I live. It snows in the mountains. If I want snow I can go there. That's the way I like it.