Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mid-December Sunset

We had us a lovely sunset this Sunday, halfway through the month of December.

I'd noticed, on my recent commutes home, that there was some good lighting conditions brought on by the sun setting and the way the light shone on an overpass crossing over E-470 on Quincy Avenue, west of the junction with Gun Club Road.

There had always been, during the commutes, way too much traffic to either safely take pictures or get pictures without cars intruding into the pictures.

This evening, conditions were near perfect.

That's Mount Evans way in the background.

As I rode home, the clouds which had been golden yellow for me just a few minutes before, turned fiery red and quite beautiful to the eye.  Sorry, but I didn't capture those colors today.  However, they were similar to the red colors captured during sunrise in this previous blog posting: LINK.


Trobairitz said...

Simply beautiful Dom.

You sure have some beautiful sunsets in your neck of the woods. And lucky we are you stop and take pictures.

Thank you.

SonjaM said...

Dom, it seems that only winter skies are able to produce this colour composition. As if to make the dark and cold times more bearable. Beautiful!

RichardM said...

I love the color of the sunset on the bottom of the clouds. One of my favorite light effects. Beautiful photos.

Unknown said...


I like your sunsets too. We don't leave work until nearly 5pm and the sun sets around 4:15p so I am missing ours.

I like the way the light reflects under the cloud layer

Riding the Wet Coast

redlegsrides said...

Thank you all for your kind words. We do have awesome sunsets in these here parts.....

Gary France said...

Cracking pictures Dom. Great colours set against a jet black foreground - tremendous!

redlegsrides said...

Hi Gary and thanks for the comment, I lucked out on the lighting.

Steve Williams said...

Strong work Dom. Sunsets can be such a cliche if you don't bring more to them which you always seem to do -- the URAL definitely turns the sunset into a story, and in these, you have the double sunset -- up in the atmosphere and reflected again at the bottom of the image on the horizon. Those are so good. And as much as luck might be involved it's being there with a camera that is the real unique aspect -- bravo at being aware and available to make the picture!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

redlegsrides said...

I stand humbled by your comments Steve...thanks very much.