Sunday, October 27, 2013

Riding with Brady of Behind Bars

Today I had the pleasure of not only riding with Brady Steffls of Behind Bars and his lovely wife Kelsie, but there was the added bonus of Brady's parents, Maggi and Pat coming along on the ride onboard Brady's BMW F650GS motorcycle.

They've been in Colorado for a month now and it was high time to meet them personally and do a short ride.  Today it was sunny and nicely cool here in the Denver Metro area, perfect for riding.

I was a bit early for the 11:00 AM rendezvous so I posed Valencia
on Baseline road with the Flatirons in the background.

We met as previously arranged, near the junction of Canyon Road and Folsom Street in Boulder.

Brady and Kelsey, aboard their Kawasaki Concourse

After their arrival and introductions, we headed into the mountains using Boulder Canyon Road to make our way slowly to the town of Nederland.  Traffic was heavy and there was construction truck traffic on the roads slowing things down.

At Nederland, we took a short break to check out the old steam shovel Bucyrus, of which I've posted about before here:  LINK.

We then headed south along CO119, aka the Peak to Peak Highway, through the small settlement of Rollinsville and eventually to the Casino Towns of Blackhawk and Central City.  We would spend a bit of time walking around the area of the Central City Opera House before getting on the Central City Parkway to make our way down to the I-70 Superslab.

Once at the slab, it was a short run on the highway until we got to the US6 exit which we took to get on eastbound US40.  This highway parallels the rushing traffic of I-70, and makes for a more sedate yet twisty ride to return back to the metro area.

We took the road up to Lookout Mountain to take a look at Buffalo Bill's Grave and museum area.  Today was an exceptionally clear day in the Denver Area, the views from on top of Lookout Mountain seemed to stretch forever.

 A view of Downtown Denver, with my new camera at maximum digital zoom.

 Brady and Kelsey at Buffalo Bill's Gravesite

 Looking west towards the Continental Divide from the parking lot
of the Buffalo Bill Museum.

Brady and his Connie.

We left the museum area and after a short stint stopped at Bobcat Point for a picture of the group with the town of Golden far below:

From left to right: Brady, Kelsey, Maggie and Pat.

We then wound and twisted our way down towards Golden, where we said our goodbyes as the Steffls live north in Longmont while I would make my may SouthEast towards home.

Good day of riding, I hope the Steffls felt properly welcomed to the great state of Colorado.

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Erik R said...

It's nice when bloggers get to meet. It looks like you had good weather for the ride.
I like the old steam shovel! I stopped in West Mineral, Kansas and walked through a more modern Bucyrus-Erie. A giant electric shovel named Big Brutus.

Canajun said...

Sounds like a great day, especially as you got to meet another moto-blogger in person. Can't go wrong with that.

VStar Lady said...

What a great day and sensational scenery. Thanks for sharing the event.

Trobairitz said...

Good to know Brady and Kelsey alive and doing well. I've missed his blogging.

Beautiful sunshine for a ride with fellow bloggers.

Unknown said...


I agree. Nice to meet other Bloggers and he is so close to you too. I am starting to recognize the names of those places you rode to, maybe one day . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

redlegsrides said...

Erik, thanks for the link and for commenting.

Canajun, the weather was really nice...unusually nice and clear.

VStar Lady, you're quite welcome. Thanks for reading this stuff.

Trobairitz, I'll let Brady make his own excuses. :)

Bobskoot, there's plenty of places in this state you need to see....

SonjaM said...

When I read up on Brady's blog that he had moved to Colorado I knew that it was bound to happen that you two meet for a ride. The weather still looks nice. Where is the snow?

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, yeah, sort of inevitable wasn't it....

As to snow, none to be had here in the metro area.....the two light dustings we've had lasted only a few hours and didn't stick to the roadways....was hoping for some today but alas....none so far.