Sunday, October 06, 2013

Fall Day at the Cherry Creek Reservoir

Absolutely no motorcycling content!

Today Martha and I engaged in a recent activity we like to term as "torturing the boys".

We like to take our two sons, Patrick and Miles, out for walks....creating a little family time in these days of digital devices, internet-based entertainment and busy lives all around.

We refer to it as torture as the boys complain and whine about the exercise of walking and just "being seen" by their peers in the company of their parents.  Oh the horror.

We drove out in Martha's X5 out to the Cherry Creek State Park and Reservoir to see what we could see while walking about.

We first went to the Park Marina and walked out on the walking trail that goes alongside the dam wall, right at the edge of the water.  Rock walls to our left and cold reservoir water to our right, the sun was out and it felt quite balmy, a perfect morning for a little hiking.

 Near the furthest point one can walk along the base of the dam.
Further progress was impeded by a large hole, probably due to the recent flooding.

 A view of the remaining boats in the park's small marina, soon they'll all be
out before the ice forms on a regular basis.

 The family waits for me to catch up with them

 That's Miles, acting like a monkey

After a little rest, we decided to amble onwards towards a small beach across from the marina.

 A closeup look at the turning leaves and their color

 One of several whale-tailed picnic stands by the reservoir's beach

 Taken at 43X magnification (optical and digital), not too bad.

 Mother and youngest son, Miles

The fall leaves overhead frame a view of the sailboat on the reservoir

Last shot, we weren't the only ones enjoying the final days of 
warm weather here in the metro area.....

A very short hike under ideal conditions, the boys didn't whine too much and I believe they might have actually enjoyed the couple of hours we spent walking around.


RichardM said...

What a beautiful day and the boys look like they survived being seen with the parents. That blue sky and yellow leaves looked like here a few weeks ago. Now most of the leaves have dropped and with a little bit of snow, the rest will come down pretty quickly.

redlegsrides said...

It was a pretty good day....even without a motorcycle at hand.

Trobairitz said...

Good for you for getting the boys off the electronic devices and out into the wild.

It looks like the perfect morning for a little torture - I mean family time.

SonjaM said...

Looks like no boys (or should I say handsome young men?) were harmed in the making of this outing ;-)

You won't be able to torture them much longer I suppose.

Unknown said...


I like those Orange changing leaves, and also the photo of your "monkey". We used to go for outings too so enjoy them before they get too old

The reservoirs which supply Vancouver's water are off limits. Our whole watershed area is fenced off with no access to anyone. Ever since Expo even our harbour is not accessible to the public (for security reasons)

Riding the Wet Coast

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, sorry for the late response, thought I had published your comment but there it was, sitting in the queue when I just checked. The torture of the boys will continue as long as I can do it.... :)

redlegsrides said...

Trobairitz, thanks, they whined at first but I think they enjoyed it.

Bobskoot, weird how they so severely restrict access to water areas up there....makes you wonder if there was more than a perceived threat.