Saturday, October 12, 2013

Autumn Colors in a City Neighborhood

A lovely sunny day with balmy temperatures here in the Denver Metro Area.  I set out after a leisurely breakfast and minor chores to try out my new camera: a Nikon AW110 Weatherproof Camera.

I motored north from Centennial and entered Denver via the Alameda/Monaco Avenue junction.  This neighborhood is part of my daily work commute and is very nicely tree-lined.  Partly cloudy skies keep the sun from being too bright and the colors displayed by the trees were quite nice.

Most of the following pictures are taken along 17th Street or on side streets near this parkway.

I next tried the nearby City Park and it's environs, hoping for more Autumnal colors, it proved elusive and mostly disappointing.  Not enough color and way too many cagers parked all over as folks visited the nearby Museum of Natural Science and the Denver Zoo.

I fled the park and its crowds, heading north towards the northern perimeter of the City Park Golf Course, a brief stop and a short walk gave me this nice view of Downtown Denver.

View of Downtown Denver from City Park Golf Course

I turned back towards 17th Street which I took back Monaco Avenue and turned east towards the Fairmount Cemetery area.  I turned into the cemetery, knowing it would be nice and quiet, and remembering how wooded it had been last time I was there.

 A nearby statue peeked down at Valencia at our first picture stop within the cemetery.

Why a cemetery you might wonder, a bit morbid and sad I'll admit, but it fit with the mood engendered in me when I read Scooter in the Sticks (Steve Williams) recent posting about aging and the Fall Season: LINK.  It's a posting written to get one thinking of the passage of time I believe, and what more fitting place than a cemetery eh?

I returned home to a late lunch and some minor maintenance chores on Valencia.  A good half day of riding, and I think the new camera is going to work out just fine.


RichardM said...

Really bright colors in the leaves. Do you tweak the pictures when they come out of the camera or are these untouched?

redlegsrides said...

I do have to tweak them as cameras fail to capture what the eye sees....that said, tweaking was minimal with the stuff shot with the new camera.

Unknown said...


I was also snapping photos of tree lined streets in the city looking for a bit of colour.

Your photos look nearly square, not rectangular. One thing that is nice is the lens does not extend out from the body and is sealed so less prone to sensor dust

Riding the Wet Coast

redlegsrides said...

Bobskoot, I won't miss the dust that periodically got sucked into the camera! As to almost square, there was cropping involved at times to remove extraneous objects.

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful fall colors. Ours are hit and miss in town. A lone tree will be bright red or orange and be surrounded by green ones or ones just starting to turn.

The maples are always pretty. Thanks for sharing.

SonjaM said...

Dom, these are lovely colours, so much more than we have gotten over here so far, that's why I enjoy watching pics from my favourite season from other places so much.

I have been in quest of fall colours lately but couldn't find much more than just brown leaves (yet), but I won't give up.

redlegsrides said...

Trobairitz, thanks...those lone specimens who've turned already usually are best for pics, with the dark green trees in the background highlighting the color change....if the sun lights it up right that is.

SonjaM, danke to you as well! I don't remember Fall Coloring when I was stationed in Bavaria....then again, I didn't ride a motorcycle then as was just a clueless cager. I hope you find some colors...

Back Road said...

The fall colors you captured are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!

redlegsrides said...

Back Road, thanks for the kind words