Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Arch and the Reservoir

Lazy day today, worked around the garage most of the morning, squaring away the tools and gear that I keep inside Valencia's trunk, making sure the new jack actually worked (it did), and just hanging out at the house.

In the afternoon though, temperatures had soared into the high 50s!  The sun was out, and being a mile closer to the sun than most folks in the country, it felt quite nice and warm.  A ride was in order.

I headed out around 2:00PM on Brigitta, my '87 BMW R80 Airhead.  I became re-acquainted with the concepts of good acceleration and power quickly as I rode out of the neighborhood.  Brigitta's engine purred underneath me as I clicked through the gears and cruised in the great weather, enjoying the wind in my face through the open visor on my helmet.

After a bit of riding in traffic, I arrived at my destination; the Westlands Park in the Denver Tech Center, near the junction of Orchard and Quebec Road.  The lighting was pretty good, the spot I wanted was open and no cars parked nearby.

The Arch in the DTC

Different angle, slightly shorter depth of field

Leaving the DTC, I wandered back east towards the Cherry Creek Reservoir and Park.  Turning into the park, I cruised slowly along the clear paved roads, passing joggers, bicyclists and folks just out enjoying the warm day.  The light was all wrong though to take a picture of the dam and its control structures though so I settled for two of the still partly frozen reservoir's surface.

 Cherry Creek Reservoir

Pictures done, I meandered out of the park and entered the very heavy traffic on Parker Road.  A few minutes of cager-dodging later, I got back onto Orchard Road which took me to my home neighborhoods with no incident.  Surprisingly, I only saw two other motorcycle riders the whole time I was out.

Hope you got a ride in today.....

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SonjaM said...

We had some nasty rainstorms today with high winds, no conditions to ride in. That's why I enjoyed that you ventured out on Brigitta today.

Gary France said...

Great pictures Dom, especially Cherry Creek Reservoir. No riding here at the moment, but tomorrow, I might just be able to go for a short ride - the first of the year!

whythedevilnot said...

Fantastic weather in Yorkshire today. Unfortunately my wife had a motorcycle lesson so I had the kids and had to content myself with washing the bikes.

redlegsrides said... was Brigitta's exercise day.... :)

Gary, Cherry Creek was quite tranquil that day too.

John S: I hope your wife had a good time with the lesson! The training requirements in GB are much better than here.