Friday, March 01, 2013

March Sunset

I went Uraling after dinner today, going to the local big box store to pick up a replacement floor jack.  The one that I'd had for years had finally sprung a leak you see, so no longer safe to use and not worth repairing.

I picked up the jack first, and that was my mistake.  For you see, the other objective had been to capture a picture or two of the sunset and my timing was a bit off.  I was still motoring along towards Piney Lake Road as I watched the best lighting occur off to the west!

Still, I got to the planned spot and got these two shots, hope you like them, though I did miss the peak sunset lighting.

Moral of this posting?  Mother Nature waits for no one, whereas the jack would have waited a few more minutes....unless of course, it had been Jack Riepe, in which case he would have enjoyed the sunset's colors while sitting in the sidecar!


BeemerGirl said...

Yep, camera or nature rarely come together...unless sitting there for hours. :) Still captured a couple beautiful ones.

I'm thinking Riepe would only stop and sit still if a snifter was involved...

redlegsrides said...


as to the snifter being a requirement in the case of Mr Riepe, I believe you are correct....must revise my onboard packing list accordingly.