Saturday, March 09, 2013

A Dissapointing Winter Storm

You would think, after all these years of listening to the weather guessers over-hype incoming winter storms, that I would have been able to hold down my expectations for the current one.

But no, my heart danced at the thought of the promised 8-10 inches of snow for the "urban corridor", which is basically the Denver Metro Area.  There was even forecasts for the eastern part of the area getting more snow than the foothills!

We woke however to slightly wet streets and a few flakes of snow starting to fall only after 7:00 AM.  Sure, the snow kept falling lightly all morning but accumulation in my neighborhood was less than two inches, at best.

By late morning, the snow finally started sticking to the neighborhood streets though I could the main roads were just slushy and wet.  Snow plows were out on the main roads, doing their usual good job, and basically the only hazards were points where snow was being blown onto the road from the fields.

I rode out after lunch, with not much in terms of snow expectations, and found not even that.  It was basically like riding in a freezing rain for the most part.  There was quite the strong winds coming at me from the North where the storm was blowing in from but even that was pretty much inconsequential.

Don't get me wrong, on two wheels, it would have been quite dangerous out there but in a Ural Sidecar Rig, not so much.

I went North towards Smith Road by way of Powhaton Road, visibility was less than 500 meters or so.  This I judged as I could see two power line towers only at a time, and it was about 200-250 meters in between said towers.  The rest was blowing snow, almost whiteout conditions.

Near Smith Road , a side road with Valencia facing North

It was kind of spooky how quiet things got when one had the howling winds at one's back, almost tranquil.

I retraced my steps back towards Powhaton Road which I took back to Jewell Avenue.  Valencia and I headed a little bit towards the east so we could get a shot of the trees we could dimly see in the distance from Powhaton Road.

Facing West on Jewell Avenue, east of Gun Club Road

I took Gun Club Road back towards my home neighborhoods, gassed up at my local gas station and made my way home by way of neighborhood roads.  These roads were snow-packed and slushy as well but again, not much of a challenge when accumulations rarely topped three inches.

Valencia and I got home with no incident, both of covered in icy slush with a slight powdering of snow.  Hopefully there was more accumulation of snow towards Morrison, Colorado as that's the meeting point tomorrow for a few Uralisti to go ride in Red Rocks Park after brunch.


whythedevilnot said...

Great blog. You sure seem to enjoy the snow. We don't get so much of it over here. When we do, we're not all that ready. My last snow ride saw me go down three times. I'd love to give side car outfits a try one day. Not so much for snow but because I'd love to go riding with my children who are still too small for pillion. Thus reading and watching your material is pretty fascinating. Happy trails.

RichardM said...

You are probably one of the few non-skiers who is disappointed by the light snow storm...

redlegsrides said...

John, I gave up on snow and two wheels awhile ago, no real skills and got tired of picking up the motorcycles and repairing the scratches. :)

It was a lot of fun taking my boys around in the sidecar when they were they're gangly teenagers....

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, I am hoping more snow fell on the foothills side of the metro area.....riding to Red Rocks tomorrow, thanks for the's your rig?

SonjaM said...

The way I look at it your bit of snow would have created mayhem in the area that is Vancouver Lower Mainland. You would not get much excitement over it, that's for sure.

You go, enjoy your white stuff, again Valencia looks stunning against the winter fluff.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, do you guys nor have snow removal gear?

Keith - Circle Blue said...

I really like the second photo. That is one amazing tree on our left. Very nice!

And yep, two wheels and snow isn't so much about skill as luck. I don't want to minimize the skill, there are things you can do to ride in the snow, but that said, it is still more about being lucky than good.

redlegsrides said...

Circle Blue, you are quite right...some skills are involved but yeah luck is the main factor. The sidecar rig makes the luck for me!