Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snowy Wednesday

Finally, a real snow fall for the Denver Metro Area.  I've got about four inches, probably more by the time I get around to it, to clear off the driveway before Martha comes home from work.

We woke to falling snow which varied in intensity throughout the day.  Did some riding in the morning but didn't get a chance to take pictures, nothing much to take pictures of anyways where I was riding.

Lunchtime however, rolled around and snow was still lightly falling in what I would call a "snow mist".  The neighborhood streets were of course snow-covered and the principal roads were not much better depending on how recently the city's snow plows had been by.  Temperatures were around 16°F or so, a bit cold but not when wearing the appropriate amount of correct gear.  The winds were blowing pretty strongly, causing the snow to pile up in drifts but also helping keep some road sections clear.

Valencia got me to the usual picture spots with no issues though I could feel the pusher tire sometimes fighting to gain traction when coming off a standing stop!  I guess the tire is worn enough to start thinking about swapping out the pusher tire with the new tire on the spare wheel.

So, a bit slick but no issues to speak of.  I hope you enjoy today's pictures:

 Small grove of trees near Picadilly Street

 Near the rear parking lot of Eaglecrest High School

Lonely street within the Copperleaf Housing Development

Nice but short ride, perhaps I'll go out again after clearing off the driveway after work.  The eastern plains are supposed to really get a whole bunch of snow so perhaps some riding eastwards is in order this weekend.


Unknown said...


I really like your snow photos. They should be turned into Postcards

we had snow today and I was slipping all over the place, wet snow with frozen pavement

Riding the Wet Coast
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SonjaM said...

Darn, Bob has beaten me to that. Postcards! Especially with the first one I was thinking, oh Dom is sending us a Christmas card. Nicely done!

RichardM said...

Got to admit that I really like the first one as well. Very nice!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Bobskoot...saw the pics on your site re your snow, way too icy conditions.

SonjaM....thanks but not a Christmas card....working on that.

RichardM...thanks to you as well.