Thursday, December 20, 2012

24 Hours after yesterday's snow storm

As it is with most snow storms here in the great state of Colorado, the snow was not destined to stick around long after it had fallen.  Today things warmed up considerably from yesterday, with the temperatures in the low 40's as I rode out during lunch to take a look around.

To give you an example of how the weather had warmed and cleared up, here's the same scene twenty four hours ago:



Sure, it's still a bit brisk but I fear it'll warm further and the roads will be dry by tomorrow, permitting riders with only two wheels to venture out if they feel the urge.

Wandering further to the north of the above location, I saw that the mountains of the Front Range were nicely lit and visible with just a bit of haze softening things.

 I believe that's Long's Peak, the highest one of the peaks in the 
picture above.

Mount Evans

The main roads were simply wet, the neighborhood streets still had snow on them but it won't last long.  I'd swapped the new Heidenau K37 tire on my spare wheel for the worn Duro 307 on the pusher wheel on Valencia.  The grip was much better today but then again, not the same loose snow conditions of yesterday.

The storm is presently hitting the Midwest and Great Lakes area I believe.  We're supposed to maybe get some more snow for Christmas Eve, that'd be a nice Christmas present for yours truly.


Canajun said...

First let me say that I love that Dec 19 picture - the bright colour of Valencia against the almost monochromatic scenery is really eye-catching.
The problem though with all your posts is they make me want to rush out and buy my own Ural to help me through the winter - and the budget unfortunately won't stretch that far. So I'll just have to continue to enjoy vicariously - keep posting!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Canajun....ya know, Ural will help finance a new purchase.....

SonjaM said...

Still hooked on that first picture. If it were for print I would buy a stash for next year's X-mas.

redlegsrides said...

I think if I put it on google photos or picasa, you can order prints....

Canajun said...

Charlie6 - Showed your response the the banker, aka the spousal unit. Unfortunately the response wasn't anything like "Yes, you should check that out." LOL