Saturday, December 01, 2012

Fetching CC Pancake

One of the first online groups I joined when I realized I liked motorcycling all year round was a group who prided themselves on doing such riding, the Rounders!  Formally, the yearroundriders, this group of folks from all parts of the US and parts abroad share ride reports and stories as they try and ride the whole year.

I've been a member of the Rounders since October of 2006, and its always been a comfort to know that my penchant for riding in sometimes adverse conditions is not confined to my addled brain, it's a desire shared by others as well!

Last week, I got a message from fellow Rounder Holly, who lives in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.  She was coming into the Denver Metro area to join her grandchildren's first birthday.  She proposed that I take Chip, aka CC Pancake, from her and carry him with me for a while in my rides about Colorado.

So, we got together this afternoon at her son's house in Westminster, CO and I met Holly and her granddaughter Eve who is all of five years old.

 Rounder Holly, her granddaughter Eve and Chip

Before I left, Eve got a chance to sit in her first sidecar.

I did not tarry as Holly was babysitting her other grandchildren and they were napping when I arrived.  I said my goodbyes and rode for home.

As I exited their neighborhood, I noted a pretty good view of the front range mountains from that location.  It was only the work of a few minutes before I found a suitable spot to give you an idea of the view Westminster inhabitants enjoy on a daily basis.

Westminster, CO

I got back on 136th Street and headed east back to Huron Street which I took southbound, towards 104th Street which was the way I came up and was going to be my route back to the eastern side of the metro area.

As I rode down Huron Street, I spotted what looked like to me initialy to be a giant version of the large white peaked headdress used by the nuns in the show "The Flying Nun".  Yes, I am that old. 

source: google

Naturally, I had to stop for a picture of this structure, which turned out to be a church next to the Saint Stephen Lutheran Church.

Continuing on, it was smooth riding on a sunny Saturday afternoon with temperatures in the mid 60s.  Such a temperate fall we are having here.  

Got Chip home in good order, he'll be joining me for upcoming rides, perhaps he'll get the motorcycling gods to send some snow in our direction.

 Chip settles in with Valencia

Before you ask me, I am unsure what the CC in Chip's name is.  I think it's Chocolate Chip Pancake.  He'll be handed over to the next Rounder who comes to Colorado I suppose and wants to take him along as he continues on his travels.  This bear has been to more places than I have, you should see all the rally pins and such that he's got on his shirt and there's more in his bag.


Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Go Chip go!!

SonjaM said...

Looking forward to your shared road-trips. Maybe you can get Chip to write a guest story on your blog.

KEN PHENIX said...

Hey Chip! Good to see ya. I'll try to swing by there and go riding with you next summer. [hope]

KEN PHENIX said...

Hey Chip! Good to see ya. I'll try to swing by there and go riding with you next summer. [hope]