Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stewie's 500 Mile Service

One of the bennies of my current work is that I work from home most of the time, going in only when face-to-face meetings are necessary (which so far is quite rare).  So, as long as I have access to my laptop, power and wifi access to the Internet, I can do work.

Yesterday, between meetings, I rode Stewie.....Martha's Genuine Buddy 125 Scooter over to Sportique Scooters on Broadway Blvd for his 500 mile service.  I wanted the dealer to do the first service to get a good baseline hopefully and am planning on doing further services myself.  (Although, its actually not that expensive a process).

Martha had the time but not the inclination to brave heavy city traffic which must be challenged to get to the dealer so it fell to me.  Bummer.  ; )

Got to the dealer, handed over the keys and plopped myself down on the waiting area couch.  Logged onto the Internet using the dealer's wifi and worked for the next couple of hours while they serviced Stewie.

Of course, there were the occasional stretch breaks where I wandered about the dealership and admired their offerings:

 New scoots....interesting color schemes

 The scooter shop also sells Enfields

 These are out in "the yard".  Not sure if awaiting repair or 
that's where they store their "used" scooters for sale.

 The Stella Offerings

 A restoration candidate perhaps?

Right at the two hour mark, Stewie was ready.  Services done, no issues found.  All for less than $165.00.  A comparable service at the Beemer dealer would be closer to $400!  Methinks perhaps it's more cost-effective for me to have this dealer service Stewie than use up my time to do if only the BMW dealer was so cheap.  

Rode Stewie home with no issues, weather was cool and the sun was warm....perfect two-wheel riding day!


Troubadour said...

Buddys, Stellas and Enfields, oh my! How did you get any work done?
You're not helping my desire for a scooter you know. Thanks for the photos.

Unknown said...


A serious looking GUY in full gear that resembles a Police Officer gets the preferred discount. Esp when he is pacing up and down looking at tiny scooters.

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redlegsrides said...

Troubadour, just give in to your'll feel better, you'll be poorer, but feel better.

Bobskoot, oh if only that were true.

cpa3485 said...

I've not ridden a Stella, but there are a couple of them in our little local scooter club. They seem to be quite dependable and scooterific (if that's a word).

SonjaM said...

180$ is what we paid last time for the service on the Vespa's. Drop it off, go for breakfast, pick it up when ready. No inclination to ever do it myself...

I could really get weak and get one of those Stellas. They are not available in Canada, at least I haven't found any source.

You are a good hubby, taking care of these 'chores'. In my family... that would fall on me...

Unknown said...

Well, Dom, I would vote to buy the scooter, but you'll need a few tools if you go that route. Start with a big compressor if you don't have one. If you do have one - do you have any extra space in your garage? Enough for a sandblaster, an hvlp sprayer and an old Honda, say? I'll sleep in a hammock, no worries.

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BeemerGirl said...

I love all the little scooters lined up so nicely. :)

Glad Stewie got he ttention and you got out for a little ride and window shopping.