Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fiery Sunset

Colorado's been in the national news of late, with two fires to the NW of the Denver Metro area and a large one near Colorado Springs.

I went nowhere near those locations, there's plenty of looky-lou's getting in the way as it is down near the fire locations.

Instead I just rode over to the nearby Aurora Racetrack and posed Valencia near her usual spot for sunset pictures.

Here's hoping the folks down by Boulder and Colorado Springs will soon only see red on the horizon because the sun is setting, not because of nearby fires!


Keith - Circle Blue said...

I certainly second your hope! May the fires end soon.

Unknown said...


the Colorado Springs fire is on our news nightly. around 400 homes already lost and only 10% contained. glad you don't live anywhere near there.

It's just like our Fraser River flooding. a few years ago I went to take photos, but how can you snap photos when people are losing their homes. Our water levels are very high and it's not over yet

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Steve Williams said...

For some reason the picture looks awful lonely with that empty sidecar. Or maybe it's just the melancholy feeling that sweeps over me sometime when the riding day is over.

You should have said it was sunrise... Mountains in the east and all.

Steve Williams
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Unknown said...

Nice, Dom.

You didn't mention anything about the heat, since I suppose you didn't have any. It makes my heart happy and sigh, and also makes me want to punch you in the neck, because I haven't even taken my bike out to get gas since I arrived in KS. It's just too hot and I'm full of deadly sins (Envy is the one I'm talking about, you'll have to speculate on the others.)

Enjoy it.

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BeemerGirl said...

Ah. Thank you. I was wondering if you were impacted by the fires. I'm glad they aren't near you. I'm just sorry that is is affecting so many.